Poisoning from eating too many goji berries? In fact, goji berries are kidney-toning

Recently, there is a joke called “goji berries in a thermos cup”, in fact, this is a normal state of life, and it is also the thinking of Chinese medicine on the yin and yang of human body. Goji berries do have a good role in nourishing the liver and kidneys, and the process of aging is also the process of liver and kidney deficiency. But many people will feel that after taking goji berries, it is easy to have a feeling of fire, what is going on? Let’s take a look at how Zhang Xichun uses goji berries.

Zhang Xichun believes that goji berries taste sweet, have more juice, and are slightly cool.

Goji berries are very good drugs for nourishing the liver and kidneys, the liver opens the eyes, and the kidney is the main bone, so goji berries can nourish the liver and clear eyes to reduce hypothermia, strengthen the kidney and replenish the bones and remove back pain. Long-term use of goji berries can prolong life, precisely because goji berries can nourish the liver and kidneys.

There is an ancient proverb, “Don’t eat goji berries thousands of miles away”, this sentence may mean that taking goji berries can strengthen the body, and when the body is strong, you will naturally not think of going home. This proverb is also understood by doctors to mean that goji berries can aphrodisiac, and the medicinal properties should be biased towards warmth.

However, Zhang Xichun believes that the medicinal properties of goji berries are definitely not warm, and also have antipyretic effects, which is slowly summarized by Zhang Xichun after taking goji berries himself, and is by no means nonsense.

After Zhang Xichun turned fifty, the yin and yang of the internal organs began to lose balance, the yin was weak and the yang was prosperous, every night when he went to bed, whether it was winter or summer, Zhang Xichun’s bedside would definitely put a pot of cold water, every time he woke up at night, he would feel hot in his heart, and he would drink a few sips of cold water at random, until dawn, and the cold water in the pot basically had to be drunk. But every time you chew 30g of goji berries when you are about to sleep, you will only drink half of the cold water that night, and when you wake up in the morning, you will feel extra peaceful and mentally sufficient.

Zhang Xichun believes that goji berries are indeed a good medicine for nourishment, and the medicinal properties may not be cold, but they do have antipyretic effects.

Someone asked Zhang Xichun: Goji berries are good at nourishing yin, so they can clear the hypothermia, and now you feel hot when you wake up at night, can you conclude that this is hypothermia? Or is this real heat?

Zhang Xichun said that he is relatively fat and strong in his life, so the yin is not a loss, if it is a yin deficiency physique, the body will be relatively thin, so the fever at night is not hypothermia. And there will be no fever during the day, or no sleep at night will not feel fever, only every time you wake up feel a fever in your heart, this heat must be generated while sleeping. But this heat is not other kind of real heat, but the natural sympathy of the heart and kidneys when the human body sleeps, and the heat generated, which is the manifestation of the body’s innate yang qi is sufficient and vigorous.

Goji berries can supplement kidney yin, kidney yin is also known as yuan yin, yuan yin and yuan yang are combined, which achieves the effect of reducing fever. Therefore, goji berries are taken regularly and can prolong life. If you just think that goji berries can reduce hypothermia, it is really a very shallow understanding of goji berries.

The life span of wolfberry trees exceeds that of pine and cypress trees, 10,000 years are not old, no matter where it grows, the roots of goji trees can extend to a deep place, Zhang Xichun described it as “straight to the yellow spring”, the branches and leaves are very luxuriant, and I have never seen goji trees have their own withering. So isn’t it obvious that people taking goji berries can prolong life?

Zhang Xichun also included a goji berry diet therapy at the back of the book.

Choose red ripe goji berries, soak them in ashless wine (in ancient winemaking, lime was added to the wine to prevent wine acid, but this is easy to gather phlegm, so the medicine should be used without lime wine, called ashless wine), sealed with wax paper, do not have discouragement, soak for two months, and then take out the goji berries in the wine and pour them into the sand basin, mash and filter the juice, and pour the wine soaked before into the pot, simmer slowly over low heat, stir it all the time when boiling, otherwise it will stick. Simmer into a paste and place in a clean, airtight bottle. Mix two scoops with warm wine each morning and again in the evening before bedtime. After taking it for 100 days, you will feel refreshed and prolong your life.

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