Pregnant women are not allowed to eat more wolfberry

Pregnant women with wolfberry (goji berries)

Wolfberry is a good thing, especially for women, wolfberry can play a role in clearing the eyes, clearing the liver and nourishing the face. So can women eat wolfberry in this special period of pregnancy?
The answer is yes, but pregnant women should pay attention to the following points in eating records:

(1)Pregnant women can not eat more goji berries
For pregnant women, it is important to remember that if you have symptoms of stomach cold, then it is recommended that you do not eat wolfberry, because wolfberry itself is heat dissipation food, will stimulate your stomach more uncomfortable.

(2) Pregnant women should not eat more Chinese wolfberry.
If pregnant women have diarrhea, do not eat wolfberry, wolfberry itself has the effect of defecation, if eaten again, the degree of diarrhea is more serious.

(3) Pregnant women should not overtake their medication
When pregnant women eat Chinese wolfberry, they are not advised to eat more. It’s better to take ten grains a day, so as to ensure good nutrition and body temperature.
If you eat too much, it will lead to blood fever, which will lead to nosebleeds and other conditions, but not conducive to the health of pregnancy.

(4) No recommend flushing cold water to drink
When pregnant women eat wolfberry, do not recommend flushing cold water to drink, so the effect is not much. It is suggested that you can use the way of soup to put Chinese wolfberries in, or when cooking meat, such as chicken, duck and so on.

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