Qaidam, the ancestral source of Chinese goji berries, has opened a new era of upgrading the value of goji berries industry

As “goji berries in a thermos cup” has become a national topic, goji berries, a traditional Chinese health food, are gaining new vitality. Ali data shows that in recent years, goji berries, ejiao and red dates have become the top three Internet celebrities of instant tonics, and the annual market capacity has increased at a rate of more than 20%.

In sharp contrast, the overall development of the goji berry industry is not optimistic. It is understood that at present, the comprehensive output value of the six major production areas of goji berry industry Qinghai, Ningxia, Gansu, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Hebei is just over 20 billion yuan, according to 100 billion yuan as the critical point to enter the mainstream industry, goji berry is essentially a marginal industry.

How to take advantage of the consumption upgrade, the state vigorously supports the outlet of the agricultural industry, and let the thousand-year-old goji berry industry move from the edge to the center is a proposition of the times in front of the goji interface.

It is based on the sentiment and mission of such a proposition as service, in 2018, Blue Lion Agricultural Brand Planning Agency joined hands with Qinghai Dulan Goji Industrial Park, taking regional brand building as the core and promoting the value upgrading of supply chain, operation chain and consumption chain as the starting point, systematically promoting the upgrading of Qinghai Goji industry, making Dulan Goji Industrial Park stand out, with an industrial value of 4.28 billion yuan, becoming an operational pioneer of goji berry industry to revitalize rural areas, precise poverty alleviation, and serve consumers for a better life.

Qaidam Goji Berry A ruby buried on the Tibetan Plateau

Established in 2011, Dulan Goji Industrial Park is the pearl of the Qaidam Circular Economy Pilot Zone. As of 2018, the planting area of goji berries is as high as 250,000 mu, there are 69 various types of goji berry business entities, green and organic goji berry management accounts for more than 80%, organic export goji berries account for 90% of the national total, forming a business structure integrating planting, processing, logistics, demonstration, leisure, scientific research and comprehensive services, and is a goji berry industrial park that has entered the directory of national modern agricultural industry demonstration parks.

As a quasi-national modern agricultural industrial park, the reputation of the regional goji berry industry in the market should also be very loud, but the fact is that due to the geographical limitations of the industrial park located in the western part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the late establishment of the industrial park, the fragmentation of market promotion and many other factors, the market popularity of Qinghai Qaidam goji berry is far less than that of Ningxia Zhongning goji berry. It is precisely in order to promote supply-side reform and form a positive cycle between industry and market, in June 2018, Dulan Goji Industrial Park reached a strategic cooperation with Blue Lion, hoping to correct the name of Qaidam or Qinghai Goji through the intervention of well-known professional planning agencies, reshape the golden body of Qaidam Goji Berries, and enable Qaidam Goji berries to better interact with the market.

Faced with responsibility, Blue Lion’s professional team quickly rushed to Qinghai to overcome difficulties such as altitude sickness, and conducted research from multiple levels such as product, industry, consumption, and operation.

From the product, Blue Lion found that because Qaidam goji berries are located on a plateau, abundant in sunshine and ecological, they are generally larger than other production areas, with firmer flesh, higher nutrition and sweeter taste.

In the industry, because Qaidam goji berries are not as famous as Ningxia goji berries, many foreign merchants often pull Qaidam goji berries away and sell them in the name of Ningxia goji berries and Gansu goji berries, so that Qaidam goji berries become raw materials, therefore, how to start from the consumer market and let users re-recognize Qaidam goji berries has become a top priority.

So, how can users re-recognize Qaidam goji berries?

Through market research, Blue Lion found that with the upgrading of consumption, whether it is the post-60s, or the 70s, 80s, and 90s, there is a very strong demand for high-quality goji berries, just because in operation, Qaidam goji berries lack a brand subject and lack market-oriented operations, so it has become a “ruby” “dusted” on the plateau.

Based on this phenomenon and the results of the investigation, the Blue Lion team and the Duran Goji Industrial Park decided to start the Qaidam Goji Berry Upgrade Conference with regional brand construction as the center and the systematic reshaping of supply chain, operation chain and consumption chain as the main body.

Blue Lion Planning The trinity makes the ancestral origin of Chinese goji berries, Qaidam, rise strongly

From the perspective of specific implementation, the upgrading and reshaping of the regional brand of Qaidam Goji Berry includes three main parts: production area upgrade, operation upgrade and consumption awareness upgrade.

Origin supply chain upgrade: high light cold clean Chinese goji berry ancestral origin makes Qaidam goji berry back to the peak.

The essence of origin upgrading is the reshaping of the supply chain, which includes two parts: value perception and cultural cognition.

In terms of value, Qaidam is located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and under the Kunlun Mountain Range, and is one of the four major super regions in the world recognized by UNESCO, with the Arctic Ocean, Antarctica and Alps, with an average altitude of more than 2800 meters. The annual sunshine of 2903.9 to 3252.5 hours, as well as the maximum temperature difference of 30 °C between day and night, and the pollution-free environment of 300 kilometers, all provide a supreme growth environment for Qaidam goji berries, and are also the biggest advantages compared with other production areas, based on such advantages, Blue Lion has created a “high-light and cold” value selling point for Qaidam goji berries, positioning the unique location advantage of “alpine pure land”.

In terms of cultural positioning, the blue lion based on the cold and pure land further excavation, found that Dulan Wulonggou is the earliest wild goji berry forest in history, and there are local goji berries for the West Queen Mother fairy staff gemstone into historical legends, from the industrial value, goji berries as a traditional health ingredients, the older the more trustworthy, therefore, the blue lion will Qaidam goji berry cultural attributes as “the ancestral origin of Chinese goji berries”, through the external ecology, the internal cultural law, Let the birthplace of Qaidam goji berries stand at the peak of the goji berry industry, both in terms of heritage and safety value.

Upgrading the main chain of operation: forming a service platform with the promotion of regional brand Qaidam as the core.

Good production areas also need good operations. For a long time, due to the lack of a clear operating body, the value of the production area has not been promoted and maintained, resulting in the overall regional industry not being known.

After Blue Lion intervened, the system sorted out the value of the production area and promoted the transfer of the industrial park’s function from management and supervision function to service function.

Specifically, with the upgrading of the market, Dulan Goji Industrial Park is not only rich in supervision and management intelligence for enterprises in the jurisdiction, but also has brand service functions. Through the strong shaping of the Qaidam Goji brand, enhance the brand influence, complete the brand coverage, so that the seven functional areas of production, processing, logistics, demonstration, leisure, scientific research and comprehensive services are all unified under the Qaidam brand, forming a 1+7 operation model, ensuring that the industrial park has a core of action, development has a grasp, and enterprises in the jurisdiction jointly face the market, serve user upgrades and meet the needs of a better life, so that the industrial park can become a platform and sustainable development.

So, what exactly should the Goji Industrial Park do?

Cognitive consumption chain upgrade: create a Qaidam goji berry value chain with user needs as the core.

Specifically, in order to build the Qaidam brand, Blue Lion started from the user, and the system built a cognitive system for the Qaidam brand.

From the product positioning, based on the positioning of the production area of the ancestral origin of Chinese goji berries, the traditional health cultural attributes of goji berries were explored, and the new category name of “Kunlun Shengqi” was created.

From the perspective of population positioning, it mainly serves the middle class, making Qaidam goji berries a “new base for middle-class goji berries”, so that the value of high-quality goji berries can be cut to the market.

From the product selling point, based on consumption upgrading, the creative proposed the differentiated selling points of “large size, thick flesh, sweet taste and sufficient nutrition”, so as to complete the differentiation from competitors.

From the cultural point of view, focusing on the value of the ancestral real estate area of Chinese goji berries and the category attributes of “Kunlun Shengqi”, the “Yangyuan” culture is innovatively proposed to closely connect product functions with consumption scenarios.

From the point of appeal, give full play to the fact that there are only 6 organic certificates in the country and Qaidam accounts for 5, and put forward “organic goji berry pure land export goji berry paradise”, fully highlight the characteristics of high-end goji berries, so that the entire Qaidam regional brand, whether from the supply chain, operation chain, consumption chain, can be perceived and touched, to achieve the trinity of regional brands.

Execution: Exhibition + CCTV + Online Communication Mode Let Qaidam goji berries take root

The creation of the trinity has made the Qaidam regional brand strong, but from the perspective of the entire market operation, it is important to let the Qaidam regional brand truly form consumer cognition and generate market impetus.

Based on this, after completing the system upgrade of supply chain, operation chain and consumption chain, Blue Lion further reshaped the Qaidam Goji brand from the two levels of tools and communication.

At the tool level, not only based on the value system system creativity of Qaidam brand, the production of anti-aircraft artillery, brochures and other market-oriented visual materials, but also the production of advertising films, to achieve the upgrade of existing promotional videos, so that the entire publicity tool directly pointed to the market, simple and efficient.

In terms of communication, it connects with strong resources, promotes CCTV’s 7 sets of science and technology parks, and discoveries for in-depth reporting, leads park enterprises to participate in important exhibitions such as Canton Fair and Xiamen Green Expo, and unites 105 media such as Sohu, Sina, Netease, and to carry out multi-level reports on the industrial park and Qaidam goji berries, so that the brand awareness of Qaidam has rapidly increased, and by the beginning of 2019, under the service of Blue Lion, the comprehensive output value of Dulan Goji Industrial Park has reached 4.28 billion yuan, an increase of more than 40%. The per capita income of farmers in the park exceeds the 12,000 yuan mark, which is 30% higher than the average income of farmers in Dulan County, and the regional brand of Qaidam Goji Berry is becoming a service park enterprise in Dulan Goji Industrial Park, accurately meeting the grasp of consumers’ better life, and continuing to walk on the road of revitalizing the countryside and precise poverty alleviation.

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