Qaidam The pure land of organic wolfberry, the paradise for exporting wolfberry

qaidam wolfberry

2018 is a year of great significance and good news for Qaidam wolfberry. In March, the Chinese organic certification certificate, which had disappeared for 6 years in the wolfberry industry, was reissued. A total of 6 certificates were issued, 5 of which were awarded to enterprises in Qaidam territory. In May, jointly formulated by Qinghai Haixi Prefecture and China Economic Information Service

2018 is a year of great significance and good news for Qaidam wolfberry. In March, the Chinese organic certification certificate, which had disappeared for 6 years in the wolfberry industry, was reissued. A total of 6 certificates were issued, 5 of which were awarded to enterprises in Qaidam territory.

In May, the Xinhua Qaidam wolfberry price index jointly formulated by Qinghai Haixi Prefecture and China Economic Information Service was released in Beijing. This is the first wolfberry quality price index in my country’s wolfberry industry and is essentially a barometer of the development of the wolfberry trading market. .

Not only that, in September, the Qinghai Provincial Forestry Department announced that Qaidam exported 900 tons of goji berries in the first nine months, nearly 200 tons higher than 702.3 tons in 2016, and continued to rank first in the country, accounting for 90% of organic goji berries exports. Since then, Qaidam has taken the lead in the industry regardless of quality, price, or export volume, leading the country.

Qaidam has become a veritable pure land of organic goji berries, exported to goji berry paradise, China’s first high-quality goji berry base.

As we all know, Qaidam is not the only producing area of ​​the wolfberry industry, nor is it even the most well-known and largest production area of ​​wolfberry. Why are the three important indicators of quality, price and export volume that have a significant impact on the development of the wolfberry industry come from firewood Damu? What is the mystery of Qaidam production area?

What work did the government departments and enterprises in the Qaidam production area do to make the Qaidam wolfberry overtake the corner and stand at the top of the wolfberry industry pyramid? Behind all this, for the majority of the wolfberry industry practitioners, What is the enlightening significance?

Qaidam production area: a natural and organic ecosystem with four talents

It is naturally raised and the natural conditions of the producing area are the first element to determine the quality of wolfberry. As one of the six major production areas of Chinese wolfberry, Qaidam has always been among the hidden champions of wolfberry production areas due to its unique growth environment of “high, light, cold and clean”.

Qaidam is located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the roof of the world, surrounded by the Kunlun Mountains, the ancestor of ten thousand mountains. Its high position with an average altitude of 2900 meters to 3,200 meters makes it juxtaposed with the Antarctic, Arctic Ocean, and Alps. It is designated by UNESCO. It is “one of the four largest ultra-clean areas in the world”, and with a frost-free period of 113 days, Qaidam has a transparent environment for the growth of wolfberry.

Clean breathing is good for health, and strong sunlight promotes vegetative growth. Qaidam’s annual sunshine is as high as about 3200 hours, and the average sunshine in spring and summer is as long as 10 hours. The sky is blue and white. Under strong sunlight, the photosynthesis of wolfberry plants is very full. The nutrients such as wolfberry polysaccharides and amino acids are rapidly fissioned and produced. Lichaidamu wolfberry has a large and full shape “Plateau Red”.

Lycium barbarum is nutritious but not empty, the core is the temperature difference between day and night. The temperature difference is too small. Although the nutrients are produced, they are quickly consumed and cannot be precipitated. The highest temperature in Qaidam is 34°C, the lowest is -33°C, and the maximum daily temperature difference is 30°C.

Let a large number of photosynthetic nutrients during the day accumulate in the bright starlight at night. The comprehensive content of Lycium barbarum polysaccharides and 18 amino acids is three times that of similar products. Take one grain and put it in your mouth. The intuitive feeling is that the meat is thick and firm, and the sweetness is refreshing. , That is the godsend of Qaidam’s unique climate.

“Planting and collection are inseparable from the nature of heaven and earth, and picking and choosing clothes does not lose the hearts of the world. Qaidam is located in the vast Gobi. There are no pollution sources around 300 square kilometers of the wolfberry planting base. The soil is rich in selenium, and the climate is cold and other conditions. This makes Qaidam wolfberry less harmful to diseases and insects. Every grain has become a Tianguang people’s heart. One, the pure sweet and beautiful Oriental Yuan Jiabao.

The problem is that although the four talents of “high altitude, sufficient light, cold climate, and clean environment” have made Qaidam a perfect soil for the growth of high-quality medlars such as organic green, the pesticide residues in the medlar industry are excessive and illegally added frequently. In this era, how did Qaidam wolfberry “being independent” and guarding its unique natural organic ecosystem?

Dulan Modern Agricultural Industrial Park: Strictly guarding organic as a way of life

Don’t let the small-scale peasant economy become the shackles of the development of the wolfberry industry, and don’t leave room for illegal traders to do anything arbitrary.

Since its establishment in 2011, the Dulan Modern Agricultural Industrial Park has always insisted on highlighting the advantages of wolfberry characteristics, focusing on industrialization, focusing on the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and insisting on the operation route of “scale standardization and branding”, making green organic A lifestyle that covers the main elements of regional production and operation.

Although the area of ​​medlar is large, most of them are scattered by family farmers. It is difficult to manage and control. This is the first problem that the domestic medlar industry must overcome to achieve green organic production.

The Modern Agricultural Industrial Park has continued to strengthen family farms, leading enterprises + cooperatives + farmers, cooperatives + farmers and other production organizations, signed production responsibility letters, formed an internal connection mechanism of interests, and promoted the continuous large-scale production and planting of Qaidam wolfberry.

Every summer, nearly 200,000 mu of wolfberry forests in the park form a “sea of ​​fire”. It is precisely this status quo of the industry with a scale operation rate of 72.6% that has laid a solid foundation for the creation of an organic green park.

For organic green production, scale is the base and standardization is the core. For a long time, Dulan Modern Industrial Park has insisted on cooperating with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qinghai University, Qinghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other scientific research institutes, so that the coverage rate of “chaiqi” ​​and “ningqi” series of improved varieties reaches 100%, and 54.85% of the forest is realized. We have implemented mechanized farming and vigorously promoted green prevention and control technology, so that organic fertilizer, formula fertilizer application and professional unified prevention and control area reached more than 80% of the total area of ​​wolfberry forest in the region. The “three products and one standard” certification and the pass rate of wolfberry products reached 85 respectively. %, 100%, even the wolfberry branches are reused through technology, and the utilization rate of livestock manure is as high as 83%.

In Qaidam, green organic is not only production, but also ecology, a clean and sustainable lifestyle.

“Green water and green mountains are golden and silver mountains.” In order to maximize the value of green organic goji berries, Dulan Modern Agricultural Industrial Park has been promoting a brand-led, strategic model of intensive operation of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. By building the regional brand Chaidamu, in the form of regional brand + corporate brand, using promotion conference + exhibition + three-dimensional communication as means, fully empower wolfberry products, help the docking of enterprises and the market, and realize the development of the industry cycle.

At present, Qaidam has built a demonstration base of wolfberry planting with the largest concentration of contiguous planting, the highest yield and the best product quality in the country, covering an area of ​​180,300 mu and an industrial coverage rate of 80%;

In the second industry, Qaidam processes 39,600 tons of wolfberry annually, with a conversion rate of over 85% in the initial processing, and 16500 tons of intensively processed wolfberry products annually, with an output value of 2.13 billion yuan. In the third industry, Qaidam has built a desert red The 3A-level industrial tourist attraction and the eco-agricultural style town of Zongjia Town are two leisure and sightseeing complexes. The primary, secondary and tertiary industries are integrated. The total output value of Qaidam is currently 4.23 billion yuan, and the per capita disposable income of farmers and herdsmen in the industrial park reaches 16,300 Yuan, 32% higher than the average level of Dulan County.

Green and organic production methods, driven by the Qaidam brand’s integrated model of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, are bursting out new momentum for economic enrichment.

Only in today’s global integration and highly developed information, how does the organic green value of Qaidam wolfberry stand out from the fierce competition in the production area and become a sweet pastry in the international market?

Qaidam Enterprise: Take care of organic life from a global perspective

“Blessed comes and misfortune depends on, misfortune comes and blessed lies.” In 2012, due to the serious problem of excessive pesticide residues in exports of organic goji berries in some production areas in China, the relevant departments closed the domestic organic goji berry certification channel, and the goji berry industry had a dark period without organic goji berries.

While understanding the practices of relevant state departments, enterprises in the Qaidam production area and Dulan Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, which are highly confident in their own production areas and planting management, are not at all discouraged. On the one hand, they treat organic as a child and insist on implementing it. Begin to use a circuitous approach, seeking foreign institutions to conduct stricter testing and certification on itself with a global perspective.

After unremitting efforts, Qinghai Damo Red Wolfberry Co., Ltd., which mainly produces 100% wolfberry juice, occupies the No. 1 planting base in the park, and Qinghai Kunlunhe Wolfberry Co., Ltd., which focuses on wolfberry planting, primary processing, and deep processing, has passed Organic certificate from EU, USA, Japan.

In the context of the slump in the organic goji berry market, the Damohong, Kunlun River and other companies in the Qaidam production area and the park are like a touch of eye-catching green, and quickly gained praise and sought after by the international market, becoming the main force in China’s organic goji berry export military.

Not only that, after the country restarted organic goji berry certification in 2016, these companies have also become key pilot enterprises, and eventually occupy five-sixths of the organic market, becoming the giant Great Wall of China’s organic goji berry market.

“Don’t hide your eyes from floating clouds, you should keep your eyes open.” The Qaidam production area’s performance has aroused a strong response. Dulan Modern, which is intensively operated by seven functional areas of production, processing, logistics, scientific research, demonstration, leisure, and service After the Agricultural Industrial Park was successfully selected into the National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park Creation List in 2017, it has continued to gain reputation after entering 2018. The park and enterprises won four awards including 2018 Healthy New Products at the Chengdu Spring Sugar Fair, and won the Changsha China International Agricultural Trade Fair “Organic Red Lycium” Gold Award, Xiamen Green Expo won the “Best Image Creative Award”, CCTV, Qinghai Satellite TV and other media successively conducted in-depth reports on the achievements of Dulan Modern Agricultural Industrial Park and Qaidam Lycium.

A magical land known as “the source of the holy berry of the high cold and pure land”-Qaidam, a brand with the mission of promoting the culture of nourishing the origin of the East-Qaidam, just like that, because “keep in mind the original heart and never forget the mission”, it eventually came from behind , Has become China’s highest quality wolfberry. It has left endless inspiration to the wolfberry industry. At the same time, it is still accelerating the establishment of a national modern agricultural industrial park at the pace of “improvements in one year, results in two years, and a system in four years.” A good life creates a new biography “Qi”!

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