Red goji berries product planning and promotion faces bottlenecks

GOJI faces bottlenecks

Origin of Chinese wolfberry: Qinghai, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei “Qinghai wolfberry” sales accounted for more than 60% of the national market, of which the real “Qinghai wolfberry” accounted for less than 1/3.

“Qinghai Lycium Barbarum” is a well-known regional brand in China. It has been generally accepted that the total consumption market of Lycium Barbarum has grown steadily in recent years.
Fish and dragon mixed, medlar dried fruit standards are many and confused, there is no unified standard (lack of effective promotion)

Technology Source and Advancement
This project utilizes ripe and advanced symbolic wave drying, microwave sterilization technology and vacuum packaging technology in China, adopts advanced technology and equipment of water-saving cleaning and drying, and adopts closed, automatic and continuous production technology from raw material entry to product packaging. The equipment runs steadily, the product quality is high, the energy consumption is small and the manpower is saved.

At present, the production capacity of dried fruits of Chinese Cotoneaster is mainly released through circulation channels.

In addition, the retail channel of small packages is becoming a brand of dried fruits of Chinese wolfberry seen in a rapidly growing “cake” market, almost all of which are commodity brands.

Over the past five years, driven by some leading enterprises, the processing industry of Chinese wolfberry has gradually warmed up and the planting area of Chinese wolfberry has increased rapidly.

As a result, the output of Chinese wolfberry has increased rapidly and has doubled several times in the past five years.

Yuyu and Emperor Zhixi Fuji had a good ability to squeeze the nest, which led to the circulation of fruits.
The core of channel competition is price, not brand. In the circulation market, Qinghai Red has advantages, but not brand.

On the one hand, Qinghai Red can operate according to its multi-dimensional advantages in Qinghai through ordinary channels of circulation.

On the other hand, Qinghai Red can lead the industry into the era of brand competition through retail channels, and guide the industry well!!

long-term consumers (who have the habit of consuming dried fruits of Lycium barbarum) eat less Lycium barbarum each time, but the frequency is higher.

Suitable quality and light price: The restriction of consumption leads to less consumption of dried fruits of Lycium barbaruma (goji berries) each time.

Moreover, the concept of “Lycium barbarum supplement” is prevalent. Long-term consumers pay more attention to quality and have lower price.

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