Regardless of men and women, eating a few goji berries before going to bed may bring surprises

Goji berries, a leader active in health preservation, both the elderly and young people use goji berries for health preservation. Lycium barbarum is a medicinal and edible food approved by the Ministry of Health and has a variety of health effects. Many people use goji berries to soak in water, but in fact, putting some goji berries in the daily cooking process can also help maintain health, and eating a few grains of goji berries before going to bed will be more absorbed. If you insist on using them, your body may change significantly.

goji ’bring surprises

Regardless of men and women, eating a few grains of wolfberry before going to bed may be beneficial to come to your door, I hope you can persist

  1. Skin whitening: There are many benefits of wolfberry, which are mainly related to the nutrients contained in wolfberry. For example, wolfberry polysaccharides, carotene, vitamin E, flavonoids and selenium contained in wolfberry have antioxidant effects. After the human body eats it, it helps fight free radicals in the body and delays the aging of the human body. Moreover, studies have shown that regular consumption of wolfberry can make the skin white and have the effect of beauty and beauty. People who love beauty can take a few before going to bed.
  2. Eye discomfort alleviated: Nowadays, people are exposed to more electronic devices, staring at the computer for a long time during daily work, and using mobile phones when they are resting. They always use their eyes a lot, causing symptoms such as dry eyes and fatigue. In traditional Chinese medicine, the liver governs the eyes. If you want good eyes, you must protect the liver and promote the health of the liver. When the liver is damaged, it will not only affect the eyes, but also affect the metabolism in the body, resulting in a large amount of toxins. Accumulate in the body and affect human health. Eating a few grains of wolfberry before going to bed can help clear the liver and improve eyesight, improve liver function, help repair damaged liver cells, promote blood circulation in the body, and have a good relief effect on the eyes. People who frequently drink alcohol, office workers, students, overuse their eyes, or have liver injury behaviors can take a few tablets before going to bed.
  3. Improve immunity and prevent cancer: it contains many kinds of ingredients, especially the Lycium barbarum polysaccharides in Lycium barbarum. A number of studies have shown that Lycium barbarum polysaccharides have a certain effect on the immune system and increase non-specific immune effects. Cancer cells also have a certain inhibitory effect and have the possibility of anti-cancer. For both men and women, if you eat a few grains of wolfberry before going to bed, your immunity may be improved, and the metabolism in the body will be accelerated, blood circulation will be promoted, and blood viscosity will be reduced. It promotes the discharge of garbage, toxins, fat and other substances in the blood, has a good protective effect on blood vessels, can prevent the three highs, protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  4. Protect the kidneys: The kidneys play an important role in the human body. In Chinese medicine, the kidneys control water and affect the metabolism of the whole body. The kidneys control the bones, and bones produce marrow, and its blooms are growing. When the kidneys are not good, not only It affects the metabolism in the body, but also affects bone health, hair growth and so on. The wolfberry has a very good nourishing effect on the kidney, so patients with poor kidneys and kidney yin deficiency can eat a few grains of wolfberry before going to bed to help protect the kidney.

Pay attention to the consumption of wolfberry. Normal and healthy adults are recommended to consume less than 20 grams per day, not too much. And wolfberry is mostly used for patients with liver and kidney deficiency and liver and kidney yin deficiency. If there is a weak spleen and stomach, and mood Patients with irritability and high blood pressure should not eat more, and people with cold, fever, diarrhea, or inflammation are not recommended.

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