Safflower goji berry brewing method, authentic and delicious safflower goji berry wine, you must know

  1. Wash the wolfberry safflower and set aside.

Second, clean the wine tank, hot water several times, the inside should be wiped clean, and dried with absorbent paper. There can be no water, and the bottle should be sealed well.

Third, put goji berries and safflower into the bubble wine jar, pour in grain wine (bubble wine must use pure grain without additives, otherwise the taste is not good, and good ingredients are wasted. )

  1. Place it in a place protected from light and room temperature, you can shake the bottle every 3 days, and you can drink it in about 30 days.

【Benefits and precautions of safflower goji berry wine】

  1. It has a certain effect of activating blood circulation and removing stasis, activating blood and relieving pain, and at the same time beneficial to kidney and essence.
  2. Although red date wine is good, it is not recommended to drink more Oh, drink in moderation. Pregnant women should not consume these wines, and people who do not have obvious signs of blood stasis also need to pay attention when using them.
  3. The above is only personal wine brewing experience, it is recommended to consult a professional for details.

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