Scapulohumeral periarthritis, please smear your shoulders with wolfberry wine

Recommended Expert: Liu Weizhong, Vice President of Chinese Society of Chinese Medicine, National Health Care Expert of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Commenting Expert: Wang Shibiao, Chief Expert of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Second People’s Hospital of Gansu Province

Periarthritis of the shoulder is referred to as periarthritis of the shoulder, commonly known as frozen shoulder and fifty shoulder. Pain occurs gradually in the shoulder, especially at night, and gradually aggravates. The movement function of the shoulder joint is restricted and aggravated. After reaching a certain level, it gradually relieves, and finally fully recovered. Chronic specific inflammation of the bursa.

shoulders with wolfberry wine

Periarthritis of the shoulder is a common disease with shoulder joint pain and inconvenience as the main symptoms. The prevalence of this disease is around 50 years old, and the incidence of women is slightly higher than that of men. It is more common in manual workers.

If effective treatment is not available, it may seriously affect the functional activities of the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint may have extensive tenderness and radiate to the neck and elbows, as well as varying degrees of deltoid atrophy.

shoulders with wolfberry wine

Scapulohumeral periarthritis causes
(1) The disease mostly occurs in middle-aged and elderly people over 40 years old, with degenerative soft tissues and weakened ability to withstand various external forces;
(2) Chronic injury caused by long-term excessive activity and poor posture;
(3) After upper limb trauma, the shoulder is fixed for too long, and the tissue around the shoulder is atrophy and adhesion.
(4) Acute contusion of shoulder, improper treatment after traction, etc.

People who often do housework, write at desks, and use computers are prone to contracting frozen shoulder. The disease mainly manifests as shoulder pain and dysfunction, and it mostly occurs in middle-aged and elderly people over the age of 40 or 50.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that frozen shoulder is mostly caused by age and weakness, insufficient Qi and blood, and cold and coagulation meridians. Therefore, treatment should be based on the principle of correcting human qi and blood and dredging the cold and coagulation channels. Patients can try wolfberry wine.

Take the wolfberry and dry it in the sun. When using it, take 50 grams and soak it in a pound of white wine (sorghum wine). Drink it after 10 days, twice a day, with 20-30 ml each time, or with the amount of wine, but not more than 70 ml each time. In addition, you can also dip a little medlar wine on the painful area twice a day.

Since ancient times, wolfberry has been an indispensable medicine in Chinese medicine. The “Nerve Materia Medica” states that Chinese wolfberry is “strong muscles and bones for a long time, light body, not old, cold and heat resistant”. It can nourish yin and blood, make the body qi and blood sufficient, and the sorghum wine is warm and pungent in nature, dredging collaterals and channeling, and the effect is better.

Modern medical research shows that wolfberry is rich in nutrients and a variety of pharmacological ingredients, which can protect the heart, liver, kidney, brain, regulate nerves, enhance immune function, and improve arteriosclerosis.

There is this proven formula in the folks, and almost everyone is well-known. Every summer and autumn, every household picks medlar for later use. When the elderly in the family suffer from shoulder pain, they can use medlar soaked in wine to rub their shoulders, which is very effective.

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