Some methods for tonifying the kidney in autumn – Chinese wolfberry is very popular!

After the hot summer, we finally entered the pleasant autumn, and everything in the world changed from “growth” to “collection”. Because of the hot weather in summer, people often have a bad appetite. In addition, high heat and excessive sweating consume the vital energy of the human body, resulting in a decline in physical strength and immunity. Therefore, it is time to make corrections in autumn to comply with the characteristics of autumn “collection”. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney has the functions of storing essence, governing growth, development, reproduction, and governing water metabolism, which is called the “congenital origin”. Deficiency of kidney and essence is one of the important factors that cause dysfunction of viscera and diseases. Therefore, many health practitioners take nourishing the kidney as an important measure to fight against aging. Therefore, in autumn, tonifying the kidney should be the main method, which can be started from the following aspects:
Diet is different for kidney
Because people’s age, sex, occupation and other differences are large, when choosing the autumn kidney tonic program, it should be targeted according to different people’s physiques, and should not be blind. For example, people who are afraid of the cold all over the body, do not like blowing air conditioners in summer, and will always feel uncomfortable eating or drinking cold things. People who tend to have loose stools and urinate with clear color and large amount belong to the yang deficiency constitution. The kidney should be mainly replenished by kidney yang. They can usually eat more warm yang products such as mutton, dog meat, beef, leeks, walnuts, ginger, and eat less cold and raw food such as pears, watermelons, water chestnuts, and drink less green tea; For those with yin deficiency constitution who often suffer from dry mouth, fever of hands and feet, and sweating at night, they should eat more food that can stimulate fluid and nourish yin, such as japonica rice, buckwheat, pork, yellow croaker, sea cucumber, rabbit meat, etc; Eat some fresh vegetables, fruits or foods rich in vitamins, such as cabbage, tomato, spinach, cucumber, balsam pear, loofah, grape, pear, peach, watermelon, black sesame, etc; Eat less fried, stir fried and spicy food, such as pepper, dried ginger, etc. For those who are not obviously afraid of cold and heat, the kidney should be replenished with yin and yang, neither too hot nor too cold. Here are two kinds of medicated meals that are suitable for most people.

  1. Walnut duck
    Raw materials: 200g walnut kernel, 150g water chestnut, 1 old duck, 100g chicken paste, and rape powder.
    How to make it: Slaughter the old duck, remove its hair, open its mouth, remove its internal organs, wash it, boil it for a short time, put it into a basin, add some onions, ginger, salt and cooking wine, steam it in a cage, take it out and cool it, remove its bones, cut it into two pieces, mix it with chicken paste, egg white, wet corn flour, MSG, cooking wine and salt, chop walnuts and water chestnuts, add them into the paste, and pour them on the duck’s meat. Add oil. When the oil is hot, deep fry the duck, remove the remaining oil, cut it into long pieces, and put it on the plate. Sprinkle the rape powder around.
    Efficacy: tonifying kidney and essence, warming lung and calming asthma, moistening intestines and relieving constipation. It is applicable to cough due to kidney deficiency, lumbago, impotence, spermatorrhea, dry stool, etc. It is also applicable to healthy food for normal people.
  2. Chinese wolfberry pork loin porridge:
    Raw materials: 10g medlar, one pig kidney, 100g japonica rice, a little onion and ginger salt,
    Preparation method: remove the inner membrane of pig kidney, cut it into pieces, add a little onion and ginger salt, and cook it with medlar and japonica rice into porridge.
    Efficacy: Benefiting kidney yin, tonifying kidney yang, and strengthening the waist, it is applicable to waist and spinal pain, waist and knee soreness, dizziness and tinnitus caused by kidney deficiency and fatigue, yin and yang deficiency. It is also applicable to healthy food for normal people.
    Proper exercise can strengthen the kidney and body
    Limb functional activities. It includes the movement of joints, tendons and other tissues, which are dominated by the liver and kidney, so it is said that the liver and kidney are of the same origin. Those who are good at health preservation pay more attention to exercise in autumn to achieve the effects of nourishing tendons and bones, relaxing muscles and activating collaterals, unblocking blood vessels, and strengthening their own resistance. The amount of exercise should be appropriate when exercising. Walking, jogging, doing fitness, and playing Taijiquan are all good ways to exercise. As long as you persevere, you will be able to achieve the goal of strengthening your kidney and body.
    Temper sexual intercourse, maintain kidney and nourish essence
    The aging and longevity of the human body are largely determined by the strength of the essence and qi in the kidney. Excessive sexual life will lead to excessive loss of vital energy, which will hinder the “destiny”. Therefore, in the autumn, the essence of nourishing the kidney should be the first to maintain health, and the sexual life should be controlled to promote longevity. Temperance here does not mean not to have sex, but not to overdo it, that is, it is better not to feel tired the next day after sex.

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