Speaking of food supplements and health preservation, wolfberry is definitely an inevitable “fairy fruit”.

Lycium barbarum is rich in carotene and multiple vitamins, which can better nourish the liver and kidneys, improve eyesight and blood, and can also enhance people’s immunity.

Do not use this “water” for soaking wolfberry

The water temperature suitable for soaking wolfberry is 45~60 degrees. Because boiling hot water will destroy most of the nutritional elements in wolfberry, such as carotene, betaine, etc., there will be no nutrition in the mouth.

Also, don’t throw away the wolfberry that has been soaked in water. Many substances in the wolfberry are hard to dissolve in water. Eat the wolfberry together to better absorb the nutrients in the wolfberry.

Goji berry dry chew is the most nourishing

Due to the influence of water temperature, soaking time and other factors, only part of the medicinal ingredients in wolfberry can be released into water or soup.

Chewing directly with your mouth will more fully absorb the nutrients in the wolfberry, which is more conducive to the health effects of the wolfberry.

Generally, healthy adults should eat about 20 grams of goji berries a day; if they are chewing goji berries, the number of goji berries should be halved, otherwise it is easy to over-nutrition.

If you really don’t want to chew goji berries, add other foods when you soak goji berries to make them more nutritious.

Which is better, red wolfberry or black wolfberry?

  1. In terms of price

The price of black wolfberry ranges from a few hundred yuan to a few thousand yuan per catty, and there is a possibility of fraud. The red wolfberry is divided into Ningxia wolfberry, soil wolfberry, Jin blood wolfberry, etc., and the price is different for different origins and varieties.

At the same time, red wolfberry is also divided into different levels, and the price is more different. You can choose red wolfberry according to your own economic situation.

  1. In terms of nutrition

The various effects of black wolfberry that are advertised come from the anthocyanins in it, and even promote its anti-cancer effect, but it has not been confirmed that anthocyanins will be destroyed when exposed to high temperatures.

The health effects of the two are similar, and the difference in antioxidant capacity between the two is less than one percent.

  1. In terms of practicality

Black wolfberry is expensive, while red wolfberry can be eaten dry, boiled in soup, soaked in water, and soaked in wine. The price is reasonable and safe to eat.

Therefore, red wolfberry is more suitable for daily health care. The health benefits of black wolfberry is undeniable, but it is not much different from red wolfberry. How to choose can be based on your own needs.

  1. In terms of efficacy

In fact, both wolfberries have the effect of improving our body’s immunity, and can also help us to nourish the liver and kidney, improve sleep, and warm the body.

However, the proanthocyanidins in black wolfberry are higher than those in red wolfberry, and so far, black wolfberry has the highest proanthocyanidin content.

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