benefits of eating goji

What are the benefits of eating five capsules Goji before going to bed at night?

I have a lot of time to work under pressure, the workload is also large, plus the child is small, so there are symptoms of backache, eyes, tears, tinnitus, and increased white hair. Judging from the self-learning knowledge of Chinese medicine, I diagnosed myself as a deficiency of kidney, and “kidney gas” is the gas
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goji berry

Examining the Benefits of Goji Berries

The health benefits of goji berries have
been recognized for centuries among the
Tibetan and Himalayan monks individuals
who consume these foods have reported
higher energy levels along with an
increased sense of well-being the goji
berry is also referred to as the
wolfberry and has been used to treat a
wide range of health problems such as
diabetes fever high blood pressure and
age-related eye problems throughout the ages