goji tea

goji tea

What are the effects of wolfberry and chrysanthemum on tea making?

It can clear the liver, clear the eyes, clear away heat and fire, reduce blood fat and pressure, moisten intestines and expel toxin, relieve dry eyes and visual fatigue. Chrysanthemum and wolfberry are both eye protecting herbs, which have a good effect on relieving eye fatigue and blurred vision. 

goji tea

What are the advantages of wolfberry and red date tea?

According to the Pharmacopoeia of the people’s Republic of China, the functions and indications of wolfberry are good for the heart, can calm the nerves, and can be used for deficiency of Qi and blood, panic, forgetfulness, insomnia, physical weakness, etc.

Chinese wolfberry and rose tea

Ingredients to prepare Dry rose 13 small 2 red dates 3 grams of wolfberry You need to prepare wolfberry and red dates. If you like sweetness, you can prepare bingt. And, of course, the most important rose Put the rose in the cup and scald it with boiling water, then pour out the water Remove
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Identification of Unsweetened Goji berry and Goji berry with sugar

Driven by the market economy, some illegal vendors have seriously disrupted the market by pretending to be genuine and suboptimal. Unsweetened wolfberry All of them are oval or spinning, with a length of 0.6-0.2 cm and a diameter of 4-8 cm. The surface is bright red or dark red, purple red with irregular wrinkles and
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See through which are poisonous wolfberries

In order to cater to people’s consumption psychology, some bad businessmen set up the wrong idea of dyeing inferior Chinese wolfberry to deceive layman consumers. Some goji berry is bright red, and it fades with a light touch. It is soaked in water, and the water is red like tomato juice. It is dyed. According
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Goji berry about nourishing the liver and kidney

In our daily life, many friends use wolfberry to make wine to drink. It is said that this can nourish the liver and kidney, and achieve the effect of strengthening the body. And many health experts have shown that Chinese wolfberry can not only make wine, but also soak water to drink. It is said
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Chinese wolfberry eating method, liver tonifying and anti-aging effect doubled

Do you like to drink wolfberry tea? Do you know how wolfberry can be used in addition to making tea? Do you know the efficacy of wolfberry soaking in water? I don’t know. Today, let me introduce you the knowledge of how wolfberry is eaten. What are you interested in waiting for? Let’s have a
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What is the difference between black Wolfberry and Red Wolfberry

wolfberry (Lycium barbarum L.) is not only a traditional and precious Chinese medicine, but also a nutritional tonic, which is very common in daily life. Many people know that the color of wolfberry is red, and have always thought that the color of wolfberry should be red. However, in recent years, a variety called Black Wolfberry has come out.

What’s the secret of Goji berry?

Liu Yuxi, a poet of Tang Dynasty, also praised wolfberry in his poems. His poems were “superb in function and sweet in taste, and a spoonful of his knowledge can prolong his life.”

Medicinal value of wolfberry beyond imagination

“Compendium of Materia Medica” lists Chinese wolfberry as the top grade, which is called “long-term clothes, light body and not old, cold and heat resistance, bright eyes and calm mind, make people live a long life”.

Mingjuyang Goji berries

Mingjuyang Goji berries

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Goji Berry Wolfberry Fruit

Goji Berry Wolfberry Fruit

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Natural Premium Organic Goji New Healthy Arrival Berry - Dried Lycii Wolfberry

Natural Premium Organic Goji New Healthy Arrival Berry – Dried Lycii Wolfberry

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QINGHAI Goji Berry Wolfberry Red Fruit

QINGHAI Goji Berry Wolfberry Red Fruit tea

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goji tea

What is Goji Berry – Wolfberry Fruit – Why is it Good For Your Health

What is goji berry?
Gojiberry is one of the most useful ingredients
to prevent aging of your skin . In China,
Godzyberry from Himalayas was used long before
it was written in the historical record.
This fruit is also called Godiery, Tibetan
Goji Berry, Tibetan cherries, and so on.
The most important ingredients
The following nutrients support the wonderful
effect of Goji berry.
Vitamin (B1, B2, B6, C, E),
Beta carotene,
Minerals (calcium, potassium, selenium, iron,
zinc, germanium),
Essential amino acids.