goji wine

Wolfberry wine won the first bronze prize in the International Spirits Competition

A few days ago, the “Snow Territory Shengfeng 45°Berry Fragrant Liquor” produced by Qinghai Shengfeng Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. won the Bronze Award in the 2016 Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition. It is reported that this is the first spirits product recognized by international competitions in our province. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that
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The effect of Lycium wine can promote sleep, but also conducive to the eyes. But we need to pay attention to the fact that we can't drink too much at one time. 10-20ml per day is enough

What are the steps to make goji wine

For dipped goji wine, oridinary people can make it by yourself.【formula of medicinal wine (prepared by home of brewing wine, for reference only】
First class Chinese wolfberry 500g, jujube 50g, sugar 200g, Chinese special grain fermented wine 5000ML.
【production method】