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Do you really eat Chinese wolfberry? Would you like to eat dry or soak in water?

Whether it is cooking, pickling wine, pot soup, has been widely used in our lives. Chinese wolfberry soaking water and pot soup are the most common ways of eating, but you may see a statement on the Internet that drinking Chinese wolfberry soaking water is actually not very good for the body, nutrition is basically
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Identification of Unsweetened Goji berry and Goji berry with sugar

Driven by the market economy, some illegal vendors have seriously disrupted the market by pretending to be genuine and suboptimal. Unsweetened wolfberry All of them are oval or spinning, with a length of 0.6-0.2 cm and a diameter of 4-8 cm. The surface is bright red or dark red, purple red with irregular wrinkles and
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The legend of Goji wolfberry

Legend has it that in the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a story about a court envoy who was ordered to leave Beijing for Sichuan and other places. On the way, I met a beautiful, silky girl, aged about 16 or 7, with a bamboo pole in her hand and a murmur in her mouth,
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China Goji berry Industry In-depth Analysis Report

With the development of Chinese wolfberry food processing industry, the formulation and implementation of relevant industry standards are also progressing. On December 7, 2014, the national standard GB/T_18672-2014 Lycium barbarum (Lycium barbarum) was formally approved and approved in Yinchuan City, Ningxia. It has become the national unified arrangement standard for Lycium barbarum products. The national
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How long does medlar soak wine?

When Chinese wolfberry is used to soak wine, the time must be paid attention to. If we do not pay attention to the time when making wine, it is easy to cause harm to our body, because the efficacy of Chinese wolfberry is not completely soaked out. If we are too anxious to eat this
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Goji berry about nourishing the liver and kidney

In our daily life, many friends use wolfberry to make wine to drink. It is said that this can nourish the liver and kidney, and achieve the effect of strengthening the body. And many health experts have shown that Chinese wolfberry can not only make wine, but also soak water to drink. It is said
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Lycium barbarum has the best fresh effect.

Now, many animal experiments on the toxicity of wolfberry have proved that wolfberry is a very safe food, which contains no toxins and can be eaten for a long time. But traditional drying of Lycium barbarum has more nutritional loss. The traditional drying process is to remove the wax on the surface of fresh fruits
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Three Dietary Formulas of Goji berry.

Computer people eat nutritious food for their eyes. Do you often use computers in your work? Do you have dry eyes, bloodshot eyes, fear of light, tears, or even redness? If so, it means your eyes have been hurt. The cause of eye fatigue is generally related to the secretion of tears, which should arouse
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How to Identify GOJI Berry

1.look at the appearance. The real Ningxia & Qing wolfberry (GOJI Berry) is oval, short and fat, full fruit, thick pulp, bright red or dark red. The appearance of Lycium barbarum from Hubei and Hebei is longer and thinner. 2. Hand touch. Feel the softness, lightness and weight of the sputum by hand, loose or
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Classification Criteria of Goji berry

Generally, the picking time of Lycium barbarum is 8-9 ripening, when the fruit is orange-red, the fruit body is slightly soft, the fruit pedicels begin to loosen, easy to pick.

Picking once every 6-7 days in full fruit period, early or late picking all affect the quality. The sun drying ground is generally located in the open space of the sun.

Effectiveness and Function of Goji berry.

Goji berry is rich in Lycium barbarum polysaccharide.
Goji berry- Lycium barbarum polysaccharide is a water-soluble polysaccharide, which is composed of arabinose, glucose, galactose, mannose, xylose and rhamnose. It has physiological activity, can enhance non-specific immune function, improve disease resistance, inhibit tumor growth and cell mutation.

What is the difference between black Wolfberry and Red Wolfberry

wolfberry (Lycium barbarum L.) is not only a traditional and precious Chinese medicine, but also a nutritional tonic, which is very common in daily life. Many people know that the color of wolfberry is red, and have always thought that the color of wolfberry should be red. However, in recent years, a variety called Black Wolfberry has come out.

What’s the secret of Goji berry?

Liu Yuxi, a poet of Tang Dynasty, also praised wolfberry in his poems. His poems were “superb in function and sweet in taste, and a spoonful of his knowledge can prolong his life.”

Modern picking process Goji

Modern picking process Goji

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What is Organic Goji Berries?

What is Organic Goji Berries?

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