qinghai goji

Qaidam wolfberry

Qaidam wolfberry dried fruit exported to France and the Netherlands for the first time this year

Recently, 13 tons of dried goji berries produced by Golmud Qisheng Technology Development Co., Ltd. were successfully exported to France and the Netherlands in three batches after Golmud Customs inspection. This is also the first export of new goji berries in Golmud this year. In order to help enterprises export smoothly, Golmud Customs has implemented
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What’s special about Qinghai Chaidamu black wolfberry

The climate of Qaidam is very suitable for the production of black wolfberry, with large temperature difference and long sunshine time, which is unique in basins like this in the world. In addition, the soil contains a lot of minerals and alkalinity, which is also very suitable for the growth of wolfberry.