It is said that wolfberry is good for nourishing the kidney but it is useless for you to eat it? That is what you won’t eat! This is the correct way to eat wolfberry

wolfberry has many benefits to people, it can nourish the kidneys, nourish the lungs, produce essence and replenish qi. Long-term service can strengthen the bones and bones, resist cold and heat, and be light and not old. It is the top grade of Chinese medicine. So how should fresh wolfberry be eaten in order to
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Do you know the 16 functions of wolfberry?

The whole body of wolfberry is a treasure. The wolfberry is rich in proteoglycan, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. It can nourish deficiency and produce essence. It is often used as medicine or in tea, wine, and stew. It is more effective if you drink it regularly. Physical fitness. But do you know
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Keep away dry eyes, wolfberry leaf tea can help soothe

Dry eyes, daily diet conditioning? Western medicine treats dry eye mainly to relieve symptoms, avoid corneal damage, and keep the surface of the eyeball smooth and clear. Dry eye refers to an eye disease with tear secretion that is caused by a variety of factors and the main symptom is dry eyes. It is often
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