Teach you 6 steps to make Sydney wolfberry porridge

A bowl of Sydney wolfberry porridge in winter

Sydney wolfberry porridge

The stomach is full

My heart is warm

On December 14, Yifan “Beautiful Life 168” sent a piece of food information about homemade Sydney wolfberry porridge to Qilu Yidian, the official client of Qilu Evening News. Drinking a bowl this winter will not only refresh your stomach, but also refresh The lungs promote digestion. Let’s take a look at the specific production steps!

The production method is as follows:

Sydney wolfberry porridge
  1. Soak the wolfberry for 10 minutes, then wash it and dry it for later use.
  2. Clean the Sydney pear, remove the bad ones and cut them into small pieces.
  3. Wash glutinous rice and non-glutinous rice, and pour an appropriate amount of water.
  4. Put the processed pears in the pot.
  5. Set pressure for 10 minutes.
  6. After decompression, open the lid, pour down the processed wolfberry, stir evenly and then eat.

Have you learned it? What kind of food will you make? Use the lens to record and capture the beauty around you and deliver the beauty. Let’s share together, welcome to discuss~

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