Teach you real and fake black goji berries

Teach you real and fake black goji berries

I have written an article about black goji berries and red goji berries before, and interested friends can take a look! Everyone knows that black goji berries are actually more precious than red goji berries, mainly because of the low yield, the cost of planting and picking is higher than that of red goji berries, black goji berries are more special! Today I want to talk about the particularity of black goji berries, today I want to talk about the real and fake black goji berries, because black goji berries are more precious than red goji berries, rare, naturally many people do not know much about black goji berries, today the author will reveal for you several true and fake black goji berries distinguishing methods!

Comparison of real and fake black goji berries
First, dried blueberries are used to act as black goji berries. Blueberry fruit is also known to be dark blue, blue to black, after being made into dry products, it is somewhat similar to the dried products of black goji berries. However, people who know blueberries and black goji berries must know how to tell, blueberries are berries, and after being dried, they are the same as raisins, and black goji berries are different, it is pitted, there are many small seeds in it, this point, you can peel it after encountering it. At the same time, black goji berries are generally picked with handles, and the dried products are more natural, and blueberries are generally made dry without handles, the color will not be so black, you need to dye, and when dyeing, there are handles, will dye the handle on the fruit black, so that the filling is exposed, everyone can be distinguished, to match the picture for everyone to see!

The second one, replaced with white thorn fruit, white thorn fruit is a kind of fruit in the desert, ordinary people are naturally difficult to see, and know little about it, white thorn fruit is dark red after ripening, after being made into dry products, and black goji berries also have several similarities, people who do not know much about black goji berries, it is not easy to distinguish, and then counterfeit black goji berries to sell high prices, but also many bad merchants counterfeit means. This method of distinguishing is also very simple, there is only one core in the white thorn fruit, and there are about ten small seeds in the black goji berry, you only need to break the dried fruit to distinguish!

Blueberries and white thorns act as black goji berries
Third, dried blueberries or dried white thorns are mixed with regular black goji berries to sell. This method is relatively clever, on the surface are real black goji berries, and there are some adulterated inside, the color, size, shape are relatively similar, it is difficult to distinguish! At this time, you need to look carefully, you can also use your hands to turn inside, the first to see if your hands are dyed, if there is dyeing on your hands, it means that there are dyed dried fruits in it, there may be fraud. Second, when you see a suspicious dried fruit, it is best to break it open to see the nucleus inside, whether it is multi-core or non-nuclear, or single-core, so as to judge whether it is a real black goji berry!

The above methods can basically determine whether it is a real and fake black goji berry, for friends who have not seen many black goji berries, there is too little experience, not too sure to distinguish, these knowledge hope to be of great help to everyone! If you don’t understand, go and learn, so that you can make less detours and less pits!

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