The best partner of wolfberry, do you know what it is

It is winter now, and winter is most in need of health preservation. The liver is one of the most important organs for people. Nourishing the liver is very important. In fact, there are liver-protecting dishes in life. Today I will share a common people’s liver-protecting recipe-plantain, wolfberry and red dates. Boiling water, plantain does not cost a penny, and cook together with wolfberry. The therapeutic value is very high and it is good for the liver. You might as well try it. It is a natural “liver-protecting prescription”. The herb is often boiled and drunk to nourish and protect the liver, and the liver is getting healthier.

The best partner of wolfberry

[The specific method of boiling water for wolfberry and red dates]

Preparation materials: prepare about 280 grams of plantain (now divided into dried plantain and fresh plantain. Today, fresh plantain is used. Rural areas generally grow in wasteland. The roots do not cost a cent. Pick the grass and go home. If you buy it at the vegetable market, you should mainly check the freshness of the leaves and whether there is any yellowing phenomenon), prepare a few wolfberry berries and 6 red dates (when choosing red dates, mainly look at the color, generally red dates are Dark red, if red dates appear gray and black, they are definitely not fresh, and plantain should not appear yellow leaves), some clean water, a little salt, and others.

Difficulty analysis: Choose fresh plantain, wash plantain and red dates, and master the method of cooking this liver-protecting soup.

The first step: remove the roots of the purchased plantain, remove some yellow and unbelieving leaves, and then wash the plantain again. You also need to soak the plantain in salt water and rinse a few more times with clean water. Every time, although plantain is wild, its surface contains some pests and must be cleaned.

The best partner of wolfberry

The second step: remove the seeds of several red dates, wash all the red dates, wash the medlars with water, prepare all the above, and start making this plantain, medlar and red dates.

Step 3: Prepare a pot, add red dates and ginger slices, add several bowls of water, boil the red dates for 20 minutes on high heat, and let the nutrition in the red dates blend into the soup.

Step 4: Then add plantain and cook together, add some wolfberry berries, and continue to cook for a while.

Step 5: Cook out and eat.

Tips: Plantain is one of the very common weeds. It can be eaten as wild vegetables. Plantain itself is edible, but if the leaves are in contact with the soil for a long time, the leaves will be very dirty. You need to remove the roots of the plantain. To remove, the leaves should also be soaked in salt water to remove some harmful substances from the leaves, and the plantain must be cleaned. Remember that red dates need to be washed and pitted. Red dates and ginger need to be boiled over high heat. After 20 minutes, add plantain and goji berries, and cook for a few minutes on low heat.

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