The best way to eat wolfberry: three effects of soaking wolfberry in water

soaking wolfberry

Lycium barbarum has the effects of nourishing yin and blood, nourishing liver and kidney, and benefiting savvy. When the poet Lu You was old, his eyes were dim, he often ate wolfberries, and he also left the poem “Xue Ji Mao Tang Zhong Qing Qing, Morning Zhai Chinese wolfberry soup”. Lycium barbarum is mild in nature and sweet in taste, which is considered mild in tonic Chinese medicine.

Some people keep goji berries at home for soaking in water, cooking porridge, and even chewing a few pieces a day. However, not everyone is suitable for eating wolfberry.

  The role of wolfberry:

soaking wolfberry

Lycium barbarum has the effects of protecting liver, anti-fatigue, anti-aging, etc., can enhance immunity, and is suitable for people with low resistance and weak body.

Generally speaking, people with low immunity can eat it all year round. In winter, wolfberry is suitable for cooking porridge or soup, and it can be combined with jujube and yam; in summer, wolfberry can be soaked in water or eaten raw, but not with medicinal warm tonics (such as longan, red ginseng, jujube, etc.). It is not advisable to use rice wine or white wine to make medicinal wine.

If you soak in water, it is better to soak in water in the afternoon as tea. You can also add chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, hawthorn, honey, etc. to improve physical fitness and sleep. But it should be noted that wolfberry is not suitable for matching with green tea, because the tannic acid in green tea has astringent adsorption effect.

   People with damp heat and phlegm dampness should not eat wolfberry:

Goji berry has the effect of warming the body while nourishing. Therefore, people with damp heat and phlegm resistance in the body are manifested as high blood pressure, irritable temperament and tantrums, people who eat a lot of meat on weekdays and are flushed, as well as cold and fever People who have inflammation and diarrhea should not eat it. Otherwise, the health effect will not be achieved, and the condition may be aggravated.

Secondly, people with weak spleen and stomach and indigestion should not eat wolfberry in the hot summer, otherwise they will have decreased appetite, full stomach stuffiness or spit acid.

Thirdly, wolfberry has an obvious effect of nourishing the kidney and nourishing essence. There is a popular saying that “you can travel thousands of miles, don’t eat wolfberry”; modern research shows that wolfberry has the effect of excitatory nerves and can enhance sexual function. People who usually have hypersexuality should not take it. In addition, wolfberry has a high sugar content, so patients with diabetes should not overdose it.

  The best way to eat wolfberry is raw:

It is to rinse the wolfberry with running water and put it in the mouth for dry chewing, so that the effective ingredients in it can be absorbed more fully. It is necessary to eat a small amount of wolfberry for health care regularly, not a large amount at one time. Healthy adults should eat about 20 grams a day, and the therapeutic use can be increased to 30 grams.

   Chinese wolfberry berries are soaked in water for better health:

  1, tonic

Chinese wolfberry has been a good kidney medicine since ancient times. In the Jin Dynasty, Ge Hong used medlar mashed juice to treat ophthalmic diseases; Sun Simiao in the Tang Dynasty used medlar in combination with other medicines to make liver-enriching pills to treat liver meridian deficiency and cold, and his eyes were dark;

The Wuzi Yanzong pill in Li Bang’s “Introduction to Medicine” in the Tang Dynasty is a honey pill made of wolfberry and dodder, and it is taken with light salt water to treat impotence and premature ejaculation in men, prolonged infertility, early whiteness of beard and urination after urination. Modern medicine also uses white mouse experiments to show that wolfberry fruit does have a unique role in promoting kidney function.

  2, prevent hair loss

Since the growth of hair is closely related to the health of the kidneys and blood circulation, and wolfberry has a very good effect on the kidney and blood production and circulation promotion, so wolfberry is also one of the good medicines for preventing hair loss.

Soaking wolfberry in water is very suitable for hair loss patients. It can effectively improve the body’s internal circulation and create a natural and healthy environment for hair growth.

  3, enhance immunity

Lycium barbarum can comprehensively enhance the body’s immunity, and it has a very good effect on inhibiting tumor growth and cell mutation. It has health care and promotion effects on the human internal organs and blood circulation. It is very suitable for people with weak physical fitness and poor resistance.

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