The biggest problem in the wolfberry industry

After several years of sustained and rapid development, the wolfberry industry in Haixi Prefecture has become an industry with great regional characteristics. At present, the planting area of ​​wolfberry in the prefecture has reached 276,200 mu, and the output value and planting area are ranked second and third in the country respectively. The main production areas are concentrated in Dulan, Golmud, Delingha and other regions. There are many large-scale enterprises in the area, such as Golmud Yilin Wolfberry Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Qinghai Daxueshan Industrial Co., Ltd.

Ningxia wolfberry

The status quo of large-scale enterprises. The “Yilin” wolfberry produced by Golmud Yilin Company has obtained the national organic wolfberry certificate and the EU organic wolfberry certificate. In 2010, the planting base successfully obtained the EU and American organic certification certificates from the German Ceres.

Many companies have passed ISO9001, HACCP and other quality system certifications and the U.S. FDA registration certification; Golmud Yuanxintang, Dulan Weisidun Biological, Ulan Jintaiwayu Agricultural Ecological Company and other companies have obtained or are processing relevant international certification qualifications. Relevant certification certificates can be obtained during the year.

wolfberry cultivation technology

Current status of domestic and foreign marketing networks. The organic goji berries produced by Golmud Yilin Goji Technology Development Co., Ltd. have entered the high-end markets in Europe and the United States. In 2011, 43 tons of high-quality organic goji berries were exported to the United States, Germany and other European and American countries and neighboring countries such as Singapore, Denmark, Spain, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Region, the total export value is 630,000 US dollars.

Golmud and other companies export about 1,000 tons of wolfberry as an agent, and the products are mainly exported to the Southeast Asian market. It is expected that the above-mentioned agency export companies will obtain various export certification qualifications within this year and realize direct export. At present, there are more than 10 enterprises with foreign trade import and export qualifications in the prefecture’s characteristic and advantageous industries.

wolfberry be dried in oven

Existing problems and difficulties.
First, the construction of the wolfberry product trading market is imperfect, there is no sound professional trading market in the whole prefecture, and the product trading is still in the state of scattered over-the-counter transactions. The marketing network needs to be further improved. There are many intermediate links in product sales, which reduces the profit margin. Second, there are few enterprises in the intensive processing of wolfberry industry, most of which are still in the primary processing stage, and the deep processing is at a blank level. The products are mostly dried fruits with a single variety.

The added value is not high.

The brand promotion of wolfberry is not strong enough. The wolfberry products in the whole prefecture are facing problems such as many registered trademarks, miscellaneous brands, and low market recognition. Fourth, the degree of industrial scale is low, and scale effect has not yet formed. Although the product market prospects are very optimistic and a certain scale of planting has been formed, the output has not yet formed a scale, and the company cannot directly export. Most of the products only serve as the supply of goods for agents, and the agents conduct export trade.

Countermeasures and measures. One is to strengthen industry guidance and promote the sound development of the industry. Further intensify the supervision of industry development, do a good job in guiding the development of the wolfberry industry, implement a one-stop service model for agricultural products, and provide policy guidance and support from production, purchase, and sales to further promote the sound development of agricultural pillar industries. The second is to innovate ideas and establish an export base. Relying on the construction of “two districts”, cultivate a batch of advantageous industries and export bases for characteristic advantageous industries. Focus on the establishment of organic wolfberry planting and export bases.

At the same time, accelerate the construction of the public service platform of the export base, provide enterprises with a technological innovation platform for technology research and development, transformation of results, and product testing, and provide a business platform for international market information and marketing services, form a service system that matches the export base, and improve service functions Enhance the agglomeration effect of export bases. The third is to cultivate key enterprises and expand the total export volume. Adhere to independent innovation and market-oriented, form a group of export industrial clusters with distinctive advantages such as Qaidam wolfberry that are oriented to the international market and have strong international competitiveness, and cultivate a group of backbones with strong independent innovation capabilities and international competitiveness enterprise.

Increase support for the export of characteristic and advantageous industries, form new export products, and expand the total export volume. The fourth is to focus on implementing the “brand” strategy to improve the core competitiveness of exports. Increase support for export commodities with independent intellectual property rights, and guide enterprises and their products to pass industry certification, international quality certification, environmental protection certification, certification of origin and other international market access “passes” to create a unified brand of Qaidam wolfberry.

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