The detailed description of Qinghai goji berries varieties – Qinghai MJY goji

goji berries varieties

Leaves dark grey green, thick texture, annual leaves 4-6 cm long, 0.9-1.4 cm wide; old eye branch flower volume per axilla is usually 2-3, 7-inch branch flower volume per axilla 4-6, style length 04 cm, petals

qinghai goji berries varieties

The colours are white, yellow and purple. Buds begin to appear around May 10 and blossom around May 15. The average single fruit weight of fresh fruit is 0.87-1.09, orange-red, the peel is bright, and the maximum single fruit weight of fresh fruit is 2.19. Dry fruit has a ruddy color.

qinghai mingjuyang goji berries

The fruit ripening period was about 10 June, the peak fruit period was 10-15 June, the summer fruit was picked seven times, and the fruit was picked from 10 June to 4 August. Autumn fruits were harvested 3-4 times from late September.

goji berries deaves dark

After five years of trial planting, the variety has strong salt and alkali tolerance, cold tolerance, drought resistance, good stability and no degradation. The growth season can withstand the high temperature of 38 C, and can survive the winter safely under the cold environment of minus 31 C.

goji berries varieties for china

The requirement for soil is not strict and the resistance to root rot is strong. It has wide adaptability in Qinghai, Gansu and Xinjiang. It is especially suitable for planting in areas with cold environment.
Self-compatibility is strong, not equipped with pollinating trees, can be a single garden and also be used as pollinating trees.
It is easy to prune and manage, so long as the fruit is picked, it will be fruitful.

goji berries size
goji berries Transverse section
Qinghai goji berries Transverse section

The mature trees are conical or natural semi-circular, and the dormant trees are pruned by trimming, cutting and retaining the “three-three-system”. The ratio of trimming is 1/3 more suitable.

goji berries varieties for china qinghai
goji berries varieties for china qinghai

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