The development process of Ningxia wolfberry, the good wine is also afraid of the deep alley

Ningxia wild red wolfberry is widely distributed, grows prosperous, and has high quality. However, artificial planting started from the reform and opening up and the economically active contemporary era.

Ningxia wild red wolfberry

In the early stage of artificial planting of wolfberry in Ningxia, farmers were slow to expand their planting due to unstable sales. Each family started planting from a small area of ​​land, and expanded to a few acres or dozens of acres year by year, but they have not yet developed to the full scale of planting.

The cultivation of red wolfberry in Ningxia was first started in Jing’an Township. Around 1995, a farmer in Jing’an Township planted some goji berries, and the people around them looked at the benefits, so they followed. Soon, in only three to five years, Jing’an Township has already been planted on a large scale. In 2006, several villages and towns near Jing’an also started large-scale planting.

Ningxia wolfberry production area has gradually formed, becoming the largest supplier of high-quality wolfberry in Ningxia wolfberry market. With the improvement of people’s living standards, as well as people’s awareness of the effects of goji berries and the improvement of their awareness of health preservation, the sales of red goji berries are increasing year by year. Jingyuan goji berries are of high quality, all of which are taken away by Ningxia goji berry traders and continuously supply Ningxia goji berries. The market, once became the leader of Ningxia wolfberry market!

In 2008, Ningxia designated Jing’an, Wuhe, Dongsheng and other townships as the main development areas of Jingyuan wolfberry. Wuhe Township has set the goal of “developing wolfberry cultivation in the whole township”, hoping to develop Wuhe Township into one of the most mature Jingyuan wolfberry planting bases.

In the early stage of development of Ningxia wolfberry, the planted varieties have always been high-yield, old varieties that are closest to wild wolfberry; the planting method and planting thinking are relatively simple; sales are greatly affected by the fluctuation of the Ningxia wolfberry market.

From 2008 to 2013, the cultivation of wolfberry in Ningxia reached an era of unprecedented prosperity. The planting area of ​​Jingyuan County increased rapidly from 80,000 mu to 130,000 mu; the cultivation of farmers also appeared diversified. Contracted land and wasteland have been planted; the planting method has also changed from traditional extensive planting to refined management planting and pollution-free planting; various cooperatives and trading companies have begun to be established;

The self-owned brand awareness of Ningxia wolfberry people began to awaken, and farmers were no longer satisfied with the door-to-door purchase of wolfberry vendors, and began to find sales on their own. Jingyuan wolfberry online stores began to emerge. Under the premise of increasing output year by year, they supply Jingyuan wolfberry to the Ningxia market. It is also decreasing year by year.

Ningxia wolfberry won the title of “National Geographical Indication Protected Product of Chinese Medicinal Materials”, and in 2018, it won the “2018 China Brand Value Evaluation Information” regional brand (geographical indication product) 100, and it is the only regional wolfberry brand shortlisted in the top 100.

At the same time, everyone is also very confused. The excellent natural conditions of wolfberry planting and the careful management of wolfberry farmers have given Ningxia wolfberry the best quality in the country, but it has not been bought all over the country as Jingyuan wolfberry. Except for the purchaser of wolfberry, everyone does not even know that there is a Jingyuan wolfberry, let alone know the best quality of Jingyuan wolfberry.

The wine is fragrant, and I am afraid of the deep alley. The brand of Jingyuan wolfberry still has a long way to go.

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