The effect of soaking American ginseng and goji berries in water

Drinking water soaked with goji berries and American ginseng every day can improve the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen and play a whitening role. Goji berries contain goji polysaccharides, a variety of amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, taurine, alkaloids, volatile oils and other ingredients, which have the effect of nourishing the liver and kidneys and benefiting the purpose of discernment. Western participation in other ginseng is different, which has both the effect of tonifying qi and nourishing yin, and will not catch fire after taking it. If you are angry, you can add chrysanthemums to the water, which can relieve the wind and clear the heat, cool the blood and brighten the eyes.

In addition to the effect of nourishing the liver and kidneys, goji berries can also remove freckles and beauty. Then I will share with you ◆The beauty principle of goji berry freckle removal◆

  1. Goji berries can replenish the kidney and essence, nourish the liver and eyes, and replenish blood and qi. A person’s blood gas is naturally good-looking, even if he often stays up late, he will have a good complexion, and it also has the effect of preventing high blood pressure. It is recommended to take with red dates, laurel balls and roses.

2, goji berry anti-aging: a large number of modern pharmacological effects of research and clinical observation show that goji berry and its extract can significantly improve the aging symptoms and biochemical indicators of the elderly, Shandong University of Chinese Medicine Professor Zhang Wengao said, goji berry seeds have anti-genetic damage, maintain normal cell development, improve the repair ability after DNA damage, promote the reversal effect of senescent cells to youth.

  1. Goji berries can promote the skin’s ability to absorb water and nutrients, making the skin smooth, hydrated and white

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