The effect of wolfberry soaking in water for pregnant women

Goji berries are a good health care product, so what are the effects of soaking them in water?

  1. Anti-aging

wolfberry is rich in wolfberry polysaccharides, β-carotene, vitamin E, selenium and flavonoids and other antioxidant substances, which have good antioxidant effects. wolfberry can resist free radical peroxidation and reduce free radical peroxidation damage, thereby helping to delay aging and prolong life.

Second, nourish liver and kidney

Chinese medicine believes that wolfberry has a sweet and smooth nature and taste. Chinese medicine believes that it can nourish liver and kidney, improve eyesight and blood, and enhance people’s immunity. For modern people, the most practical effect of wolfberry is anti-fatigue and lowering blood pressure.

In addition, wolfberry can protect the liver, lower blood sugar, soften blood vessels, lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and have certain curative effects on fatty liver and diabetes patients. According to clinical medicine verification, wolfberry can also treat chronic renal failure.

Three, nourish the liver and improve eyesight

wolfberry polysaccharide has a protective effect on experimental liver damage, can reduce serum alanine aminotransferase and promote the repair of liver damage.

Wang Deshan conducted research on the dose-effect relationship and toxicity of wolfberry against experimental hyperlipidemia and liver lipid. The experimental results showed that wolfberry can inhibit the deposition of fat in liver cells and promote liver cell regeneration.

Fourth, improve the body’s immunity

wolfberry has the effect of improving the body’s immunity, and has the effects of replenishing qi and strengthening essence, nourishing liver and kidney, anti-aging, quenching thirst, warming the body, and anti-tumor.

In addition, wolfberry has the effect of lowering blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar, can prevent atherosclerosis, protect the liver, inhibit fatty liver, and promote the regeneration of liver cells.

Five, improve sleep quality

wolfberry is suitable for consumption throughout the year. Regular drinking can improve physical fitness. It can relieve sleep problems such as poor sleep quality and difficulty falling asleep, and help improve sleep quality. The way of eating wolfberry is different in winter and summer. It is suitable for making tea in summer and soup in winter. The best time to make tea is in the afternoon, which is conducive to sleep.

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