The Function of Lycium barbarum Ice Sugar Water

The Function of Lycium barbarum Ice Sugar Water

Ice sugar has many functions, not only can be drinked in water, but also has other functions. But few people put wolfberry and ice sugar in water together. In fact, wolfberry ice sugar water has a good effect. Following What’s the effect of Lycium barbarum ice sugar water?

The action of Lycium barbarum ice sugar water ice sugar can increase sweetness, neutralize excess acidity. It is also an excellent condiment with chrysanthemum, wolfberry, hawthorn, jujube, etc. It is a good product for entering liver and lung meridians, but diabetic patients must avoid using it.

Lycium barbarum L. Used for deficiency of exhaustion, soreness of waist and knee, dizziness and tinnitus, impotence and spermatorrhea, internal heat and thirst, blood deficiency and yellow, dizziness. But we should pay attention to those who are suffering from cold, fever, inflammation and diarrhea.

Lycium barbarum L. is one of the common medicinal materials in life, which can be seen in food. Lycium barbarum is rich in carotene, vitamin A1, B1, B2, C and other calcium, iron and other essential nutrients for healthy eyes, so it is good at bright eyes, so commonly known as “bright eyes”. Lycium barbarum L. has the pharmacological effects of increasing the activity of white blood cells and promoting the regeneration of hepatocytes. It can also reduce blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipids. It is especially suitable for patients with edema-type obesity.

The benefits of Lycium barbarum and jujube on the body are: nourishing the liver and eyesight, moistening the lung and nourishing yin, tonifying the kidney and benefiting the essence, strengthening the spleen and stomach: weak spleen and stomach, diarrhea, people with fatigue, protecting the liver, benefiting hair, tonifying blood, dizziness and tinnitus, visual impairment, increasing appetite, insomnia, insufficiency of Qi and blood, spleen and stomach deficiency and cold, fear of cold, gastrointestinal dyspepsia (promoting digestion), dry mouth and tongue, constipation and antidiarrhea (double Effectiveness), for people who stay up late (will have good color), make skin white and tender, shiny, people with bad breath, not easy to get acne, acne, sores, has a good effect on mood, but also anti-aging, longevity and so on.

There are many ways to use wolfberry fruit for diet and medicinal use. It can be boiled and decocted. Wolfberry should be washed beforehand. The dosage should be paid attention to. In general, it is better to take a small amount of wolfberry for a long time without overdosage.

Lycium barbarum L. belongs to liver, kidney and lung meridians. It can nourish kidney and essence, nourish liver and eyesight, moisten lung and nourish yin. It can be used for kidney yin deficiency, liver Qi deficiency, weakness of lower limbs, dizziness and tinnitus, infertility of spermatorrhea, visual impairment, and atrophy. Wolfberry is most suitable for eliminating fatigue.

Wolfberry can prevent arteriosclerosis and aging. It also has the function of warming the body. Lycium barbarum can quench thirst, that is to say, it also has the effect of curing thirst. Date Ganping can nourish blood, but blood belongs to Yin, so it has curative effect on Yin-blood deficiency.

Lycium barbarum L. is a plant with strong vitality and energy, which is very suitable for eliminating fatigue. It can promote blood circulation, prevent arteriosclerosis, and prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver. In addition, the comprehensive operation of various vitamins, essential amino acids and linolenic acid contained in wolfberry can promote metabolism in the body and prevent aging.

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