The greatest effect of wolfberry is not eye protection?

Many people know that wolfberry can improve eyesight, and like to use it to make tea, wine, and porridge to maintain eyes. In fact, wolfberry has many functions, mainly due to its kidney-tonifying effect.

Why can Chinese wolfberry improve eyesight?
Modern medicine believes that medlar is rich in carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A after entering the human body, which helps the retina to synthesize photosensitive pigments and maintain vision.

wolfberry with eye

According to Chinese medicine, the reason why wolfberry can improve eyesight is that it nourishes the kidneys and the kidneys dominate water, and the eyes need water to moisturize, so eating wolfberry can make the eyes moist, bright and energetic, and reduce eye disease.

An ancient book records a medical prescription that powdered wolfberry and chrysanthemum and made pills with honey, called “Goji berry and chrysanthemum honey pill”. After eating it, “never eye disease” means that there will never be eye problems. .

Modern people who use computers and mobile phones for a long time do not have to take pills. Making tea with wolfberry and chrysanthemum is also a good way to protect eyes. It not only protects eyesight, but also helps prevent and regulate glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases.

There is also a prescription called “Qiju Dihuang Pill”, which is to add wolfberry and chrysanthemum to “Liuwei Dihuang Pill”, which is also used to treat eye diseases.

wolfberry chrysanthemum tea has the effect of protecting eyes, which is beneficial to prevent and regulate eye diseases such as cataracts.
Chinese wolfberry can strengthen waist
People who sit for a long time are prone to symptoms of soreness and stiffness in the waist. Usually eat some wolfberry, can nourish the kidney and strengthen the waist, relieve and prevent waist discomfort.

wolfberry is still the elixir of longevity
The “Compendium of Materia Medica” says: “Goji berries, strong muscles and bones after long service, light body, not old, cold and heat resistant.”

The kidney is the foundation of the innate, and the spleen is the foundation of the acquired. If the spleen and kidneys are well maintained, a person will become younger. Wolfberry is a good medicine for kidney, so it can make people live longer.

There is a health regimen called “Da Lao Er Wan,” and there is an interesting story about this medicine. Once upon a time, someone saw a young woman chasing an old man with a stick. The old man didn’t resist and just kept running. People asked the woman how to beat the old man, how unfilial! The woman said, “I am young, I am his mother, more than a hundred years old!” My son was eighty years old and he just refused to eat our family’s secret recipe for longevity, so I beat him with a stick. Later generations called this secret recipe “Da Lao Er Wan”, also called “Han Shao Dan.” Chinese wolfberry is the main medicinal material of this formula.

There are some legends about goji berries. Some people can live a long life by just eating goji berries for health preservation.

Around 1966, the “Chinese and Foreign Magazine” published an old man’s self-report. Since the age of forty, the old man began to focus on self-cultivation and self-cultivation. He was not moved by mundane things, so he has always been in good health.

He said that when he was over a hundred years old, he went up the mountain to collect medicine and met an old man walking like flying in the deep mountains and rocks. He couldn’t catch up with his feet. He felt that this old man was unusual. Later, due to chance, I met this old man again, so I asked him for advice. The old man took out some wild fruits: “I just eat this thing, so I live long and walk fast.” It turns out that those wild fruits are Chinese wolfberry.

The author said that he has followed this method since then, eating three dollars of wolfberry a day, making it lighter and fitter over time, and walking a hundred miles is not tired.

Because the old man has a good temperament, his mood is stable, and he is indifferent to anything, so his sympathetic nerves are not excited, and his parasympathetic nerves are more excited, so his immunity is better. Coupled with taking medlar to nourish the kidney, it will live longer and healthier.

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