The man insisted on using wolfberry to soak in water. After half a year, why has his body not changed? Doctor: The way is wrong

Mr. Wang is a person who loves health preservation. I heard others say that goji berries are food for health preservation. He went to the supermarket to buy a bag of goji berries, and put a little goji berries in the cup every day. If you persist for a while, you can achieve It has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing qi and blood.

As a result, after drinking for half a year, the body still feels no change. This makes Mr. Wang very puzzled. If the quality of wolfberry is not good, he is not fixed at the same house to buy, and the time he insists is not short, why Didn’t you get the benefits of drinking wolfberry?

Why is there no effect of drinking wolfberry? Doctor: The way is wrong

The goji berries that you usually eat have more nutrients, but why do many people insist on drinking goji berries, basically they can’t see the effect?

In fact, many people use the wrong way. When everyone eats wolfberry, they basically use a thermos to pick up some hot water, and then put the wolfberry in the water and soak it in water. In fact, the correct way to eat wolfberry is as everyone thinks. The difference is that goji berries can be eaten directly by chewing, so the relative effect of eating goji berries will be more obvious.

But in life, people often use it to soak in water to drink. Just drink water. Maybe there are not many ingredients that the body can take in. So many people feel that after a long time, there is no change in their body. If the time of soaking wolfberry is not enough, or the water temperature is relatively low, the amount of wolfberry polysaccharides, carotenoids and other substances in the wolfberry will be less dissolved, and the nutritional value of the wolfberry will not be fully utilized.

Some people like to soak goji berries in freshly boiled hot water. At this time, the water temperature is too high, and the active substances in it are easily destroyed by the high temperature, and some nutrients will be lost. Although the overall impact may not be large, but in comparison, use Soaking in warm water is better.

And many people will find that after drinking the water, the wolfberry in it has basically become very soft and bad, so everyone basically chooses to dump the wolfberry. In fact, if you don’t choose to chew the wolfberry directly If the wolfberry is soaked in water, you can also choose to eat it. This can avoid waste and absorb the dietary fiber, vitamins, iron and other substances in the wolfberry. However, the wolfberry cannot eat too much, whether it is soaked in water or dried directly. eat.

It is best not to exceed 10. Although few people will put so many goji berries, some people may prefer the taste of goji berries. If you eat goji berries as a snack, your body will get angry, your eyes will not feel good, and There will be symptoms of nosebleeds.

In addition to eating directly dry, you can also choose other ways of eating. It is more common that many people like to put a few goji berries at the end when making the soup, which is nutritious and can make the soup more colorful and white. Radish and wolfberry ribs soup is a very nutritious soup. You can also use wolfberry to make porridge, such as wolfberry and red dates chicken porridge, pumpkin millet and wolfberry porridge.

In fact, many people now exaggerate the effect of wolfberry. Although there are many nutrients in wolfberry, such as dietary fiber, carotenoids, iron, calcium, zinc, etc., regular consumption also has certain benefits, but it is not The elixir is not a particularly magical thing. Everyone should treat it scientifically, and don’t demand too much health benefits.

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