The perfect combination of goji berries and American ginseng

I was in Canada for the sixth year, and I had a vague feeling that I might or might not be coming back, the so-called Schrödinger’s return. Due to homesickness and a lot of projections in Hangzhou, the full text shows a strong desire to return to Zhejiang to bask in the sun at the door of the community. It turns out that if you don’t mix well abroad for many years, it will indeed make people have some very strange thoughts.

The following things, if returned to Hangzhou, should be achieved.

Carry Yiwu thermos cup, inner bubble supermarket Longjing, single-day goji berries, double-day American ginseng. Wearing a jacket, jeans, chicken heart collar sweater, Li Ning sneakers, tattoos washed off, began to wear jade, and tied a red rope at the ankles, representing mother’s love. When the weather is good, go under the pavilion of the small park, sit cross-legged against the pedal boat on the lake, take out a bag of Huangyan mandarins, golden and brilliant like Bodhi Buddha light, open the bag, rub, peel, split the petals, taste the turn, the eyes are like a torch, chew slowly and slowly, look solemn, chew powerfully.

Coffee is abstained, drink ready-to-brew plum soup, forget all English, and talk about warm soup water hangpu instead. Single-day breakfast xiaolongbao, authentic Zhenjiang vinegar dipped; Double day breakfast small wontons, egg skin seaweed soup to drink. Put a handful of pecans in the front left pocket, a handful of pistachios in the front right pocket, orange peel in the back left pocket, and bayberry in the back right pocket. Jiuji Mei wants to choose the kind of acid that makes my face twitch uncontrollably, but it doesn’t make me spit it out, and the social people in their thirties chatted and suddenly spit out a word Mei is not good looking after all.

If you have nothing to do, go around the vegetable market, bargain with the stall owners, harvest a bag of spring shoots, crucian carp, yellow eel, snail, loach, bullfrog, cocoon, leek, pig’s head, a set of slippers when you return home, put on your soso apron, the hood hums open, kill fish and wash vegetables, a pot under water, thick oil red sauce, and raise a handful of sugar. There is an ink painting of Guanyin on the wall at home, a jade clean bottle in my left hand, and a willow leaf strip in my right hand, I want to bathe in Guanyin’s kind gaze and cook vegetables, and when the pot is out, I will put a lion’s head on her offering table, steaming, so that he can protect me from the interrogation of the old aunt and young man downstairs, where do you work, how much do you make.

Determined to relax his critical attitude towards religion, put aside the harsh demands of logic and reason on religion, and re-established pseudo-pantheistic beliefs, and then became a parishioner with his grandmother, and he could go to the Buddhist temple with her to burn incense during the Spring Festival. Take incense in the room, burn incense to worship, stand incense in the stove in one go, kneel when you see the futon, don’t think too much, come here. If possible, take your grandmother to Putuo Mountain and ask her to walk the beach again and take another look at the East China Sea. If he encounters a little monk wandering around, he will step forward, smile and stuff a yellow rock orange into his hand, and in principle, he will not accept the refusal.

Social distancing is tightened and a clear sense of boundaries is erased. Mingling with all the clothing store owners on the small street, practicing hardcore Jiangsu and Zhejiang pajamas out of the street in the morning, greeting him twenty times along the way: Hee hee Auntie, do you cut your rice? Ride the dirtiest Xiaoshan battery car, insert a parasol, install a vegetable basket, see the traffic police hand cigarettes, see migrant workers deliver water, see the young man driving an unlicensed motorcycle to persuade you are not good, your mother should worry! Seeing the neighborhood committee’s mother Sang, he took the initiative to ask her if the child was married, and then shook her head with empathy and said that oh, now Xiao Bud doesn’t know what she is thinking. Don’t be honest about being Dink, humbly admit that you are due to insufficient sperm motility, and then gladly accept the sympathy of the other party and the recommendation of various reproductive doctors and bow to thank you.

Go to the foot bath shop every three days to wash your feet, and ask Zhuji to produce camphor wood large wooden barrels, solid wood, knock on the kind without reply. Sprinkle flower petals, drip essential oils, spread people on the recliner, listen to the TV to play family adjustment TV programs, when the plot is appropriate, stretch out a little finger and point to the TV screen and say with a trembling voice, oh, how can this grandmother be so fierce to her daughter-in-law! It’s not good, oh, you don’t ask for four! Not good like this! Vigorously clapping hands, stomping moderately, trying to achieve the effect of all the customers of the entire foot washing shop nodding their heads in agreement, and in an instant a kind of empathetic moral indignation was pushed to the top, the emotional person rushed over to shake my hand eagerly, the shop owner’s eyes were red and immediately clapped me with eight folds, and gave me a gold medal technician deep ear picking ten times vouchers.

Retrieve the ritual sense of the festival, Lantern Festival rice balls Ningbo sesame filling, Dragon Boat rice dumplings Jiaxing fresh meat filling, Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes to be Su-style oil paper wrapped, open the kind that has been falling crumbs, eat while falling, drop while eating, the goal is to eat a kind of Parkinson’s tenacity and unyielding. I have to play cards with my mother, I play chess with my father, I have to play mahjong with my grandmother and grandfather, just like I did twenty years ago. When throwing mahjong cards, you should control your emotions and your temperament should not burst. When playing cards, knock the cards down with your fingernails, Zhu’s lips are lightly opened, blowing like a lan, low eyebrows and pleasant eyes, and gently say: Hut, thank you Nong. Don’t talk about trash anymore, otherwise your family won’t believe you have insufficient sperm motility. Attend the wedding of your cousin and cousin, red envelopes, suits, toasts, and seriously tell them that running a marriage is an extremely difficult thing, and you must cheer up.

Finally, on a sunny spring day, I will get out of the subway entrance of Wulinmen, and then walk slowly south along Yan’an Road, passing milk tea shops, clothing stores, sushi restaurants, movie theaters, pastry shops, coffee shops, mobile phone shops, barbecue shops, and the hospital where I was born. The torrent of battery cars flowed parallel to my path, the fluttering points of light in the shade of camphor trees, the aroma of stewed food, the glow of LED neon, the shouting of old ladies selling white orchids, and the fragrance of vegetation unique to subtropical monsoon cities floating in the air. I have to go all the way to the intersection of Pinghai Road, then turn right, and if nothing else, the perspective of the street will suddenly disappear a hundred meters away. If you stand on tiptoe at this moment, you can see a sparkling water feature not far away, and a distant looming ridge on the other side of the water.

At this time, you can hire a leaf boat, row to the middle of the lake, and then take out a bottle of warm rice wine from your arms, lie down on the boat with the silver light and jade-mirror-like lake view, and drink until the sky gradually fades, until you can’t see Lei Feng in the south and Baochu in the north.

If someone asks me where I have been in the past ten years, I will honestly say that I have traveled far and learned a craft, and I have suffered a little.

If I want to ask more questions, I will step forward, smile and stuff a yellow rock tangerine into his hand, and in principle, I will not accept the polite refusal.

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