The right way to eat black wolfberry

black wolfberry

1. Chew directly: it will have a light sweet taste, like eating raisins

2. Make tea: brew with cold water or warm water (warm water below 60 degrees is recommended, too high temperature will destroy the anthocyanin in black wolfberry), wait for about 5 minutes to drink, and then eat the black wolfberry. According to personal taste, honey can also be added.

3. Wine brewing: one kilogram of wine can be put into about 30g of black wolfberry, which can be soaked and drunk immediately, or stored and then drunk. Generally, it is better to drink it from half a month to a month, twice a day.

4. Medicine: according to the doctor’s prescription.


(1) black wolfberry is suitable for all people over 5 years old; black wolfberry is warm tonic, and it is suspended in case of fever, diarrhea and fever.

(2) black wolfberry is rich in anthocyanins and nutrients, and has a significant nourishing effect. Therefore, adults can eat about 5g a day (1g of black wolfberry is about 12, some 1g is about 17, and the best is about 22). They can also increase or decrease the quantity according to their own situation.

(3) black wolfberry wine, a jin of white wine with about 30g of black wolfberry is the best.

(4) black wolfberry is susceptible to moisture, so it should be placed in a dry and cool place, or packed in a vacuum bag and refrigerated in an freezer.

Pay attention to the storage of black wolfberry: moisture-proof, odor proof, cold storage. The most suitable people to eat black wolfberry are those who are weak and have poor resistance. Moreover, we must stick to it for a long time and eat a little every day to get results.

In addition, not all people are suitable for taking it.
1. Due to the strong effect of black wolfberry on warm body, people with high blood pressure and too impatient temperament, or people who eat a lot of meat on weekdays and have a reddish face, it’s better not to eat it.

2. Black wolfberry fruit can nourish the liver and kidney, but there is no need to take it if the liver and kidney are not deficient. It is not suitable to use it if there is no deficiency in physical health, and it is not suitable to use it if there is no deficiency in the body. It is not suitable to use the tonic drugs in case of “staying in the enemy’s house closed”.

3. People with deficiency cold will have the disadvantages of slippage and diarrhea, and use it with caution if the internal heat is not clear.

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