The side effects of goji berries, these 3 types of people must pay attention to!

Goji berries here have very high medicinal tonic value due to the geographical and climatic environment. But people with the following symptoms pay attention:

  1. In a state of fever and cold, there is heat in the body, if you drink this health care product, it will aggravate the cold.
  2. Gastrointestinal discomfort, people who are having diarrhea and diarrhea have relatively weak digestion ability to avoid affecting intestinal disorders.
  3. The constitution that is easy to get on fire needs attention, because goji berries belong to warm supplements, and will aggravate the symptoms of fire, and then sore throat or other symptoms of fire.

Most people can drink, although goji berry puree has very good tonic value, but it must be moderate, it is recommended to take 1-2 bottles a day, and at the same time need to drink appropriate water!

Goji berry puree is rich in a variety of nutrients: goji berry polysaccharides, β-carotene, betaine, flavonoids, after drinking can supplement the nutrients needed by the body, goji berry puree long-term insistence on taking, is conducive to improving immunity, delaying aging, lowering fat and protecting the liver, brightening the eyes and calming the mind.

It has very good results for people with bad lifestyle habits or sub-health, such as:

  1. Sub-healthy people who often socialize, have excessive tobacco and alcohol, and need to supplement nutrition;
  2. People with high work pressure, staying up late and sleeping poorly;
  3. Women with insufficient qi and blood, irregular menstruation and dull complexion;
  4. People with long-term dry eyes, poor eyesight and poor spirit;
  5. People with poor liver and kidney deficiency;
  6. Middle-aged and elderly people with weak and low immunity.

Usually must develop good eating habits, to be nutritional, eat some fresh vegetables and meat, such as cabbage, spinach, beef, lean meat and green vegetables, etc., which is conducive to good health and will not lead to adverse reactions.

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