The ten questions you are most concerned about about goji berry juice are here

You may have heard of goji berry puree before, or you may have heard it for the first time today, maybe you have drunk dry goji berry soaking water, want to try goji berry puree, no matter which one, I believe you must have a lot of questions, below we have selected 10 questions that you may be most concerned about, for you to answer one by one!

What is the difference between dried goji berries and goji berry puree?

The biggest difference between the two is that the nutritional value is very different.

Goji dried fruits have to go through cleaning, wall breaking, drying and other processes, and nutrients are easily lost. Goji berry puree is completed in only a few hours from fresh goji berries to packaging, through ultra-low temperature crushing and bioactive stabilization technology, so that the activity and nutrition of fresh goji berries are retained to the greatest extent, fresher and more original.

What are the effects of goji berry puree?

丨Eye protection

Goji berry puree contains a variety of vitamins, nutrients that are good for eye health. It has a good improvement effect on relieving dry eyes, eye irritation, and eye protection.

丨Protect the liver and protect the liver

Goji berry puree has a protective effect on the liver, promotes the repair of damaged liver cells and the regeneration of liver cells, nourishes the liver, detoxifies, helps hangover, etc.

丨Enhance physical fitness

Goji berry puree supports the solid foundation, nourishes the essence, invigorates qi and calms the mind, nourishes hair, grows, and has a good effect on enhancing physical fitness and improving kidney function.

丨Beauty and anti-aging

Goji berry puree contains vitamin E, vitamin C, goji berry polysaccharides and other nutrients, which can effectively slow down aging, replenish blood and qi, and nourish the skin.

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丨Improve sub-health

Goji berry puree can improve human immune function, improve sleep quality, anti-fatigue, and help middle-aged and elderly people and children enhance learning and memory.

What are the types of people who are suitable for eating goji berry puree?

☆Sub-healthy people who need to supplement nutrition;

☆People with high work pressure, staying up late, and poor sleep;

☆Female population with insufficient qi and blood, irregular menstruation, and dull complexion;

☆People with long-term dry eyes, poor eyesight, and poor spirits;

☆People with poor liver and kidney deficiency;

☆Middle-aged and elderly people with weak and low immunity.

Who can’t drink goji berry puree?

Although goji berry puree is good, but not everyone is suitable for drinking, because its effect on warming the body is quite strong, people who are catching a cold and fever, body inflammation, diarrhea are best not to drink. The amount of drinking for people with spleen and stomach deficiency is halved, and the amount can be increased as appropriate after the body adapts. In addition, people with high blood pressure, too impatient temperament, or those who eat a lot of meat on a daily basis and cause their faces to turn red.

Will drinking goji berry puree catch fire?

No. According to traditional Chinese medicine, goji berries are flat and sweet. Some people who drink too much goji berry puree will have a feeling of fire, which is an illusion, because goji berries are rich in flavonoids, which have a good effect of expanding blood vessels, and this feeling of expansion makes people mistakenly think that they are on fire. Moreover, the amount of each bottle of Fengwu Oriental Goji Berry Original Puree packaging has been studied by nutritionists, which can avoid excessive drinking and causing fire.

How long do goji berry puree drink varies?

In general, healthy adults can drink a bottle of goji berry puree every day, and for three to four weeks, there will be slight changes in the body. If there is a better transition, it is recommended to drink two bottles a day for about three months.

How is goji berry puree produced?

Goji berry puree, from picking to finished product, is guaranteed to be completed within 6 hours. Fresh goji berries are picked from the field to the factory, where they undergo disinfection, cleaning, secondary rinsing, crushing, pulping, residue separation, blending, homogenization, pasteurization, aseptic filling and other procedures. The production process does not have any chemical additives, ensuring 100% pure original ecological puree, thick and visible!

How to eat goji berries and suggestions

The general population recommends 1 bottle per day, 7-9 am with breakfast or within half an hour after meals; People with sub-health and work pressure can take it 1-3 hours in advance to effectively regulate physical health and working state; People who drink alcohol and have a bad liver can take it before meals.

Can goji berry puree cure alcohol?

Goji berry puree can cure alcohol. The fructose contained in goji berry puree can help break down alcohol in the body and speed up the rate of alcohol metabolism in the blood. The biggest maintenance of goji berry puree for drinkers is to nourish the kidney and protect the liver, and has a fundamental improvement in liver and kidney drainage regulation and metabolic function, so it can achieve the effect of hangover and increase the amount of alcohol. Modern medical research has also proved that goji berries have a very good effect on liver damage caused by drinking alcohol and alcoholic fatty liver.

Goji berry puree contains 8 times higher vitamin C than lemon, and 30 times higher carotene than carrot, these two ingredients have super whitening and antioxidant effects, all after taking goji berry puree, you will find that your skin will be better than the original complexion, long-term use of goji berry puree can make the skin toxins excreted, the skin will become more transparent and rosy.

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