The wolfberry has been exposed again, and people who have eaten wolfberry for a long time have become like this!

Lycium barbarum (wolfberry) is a traditional Chinese medicinal material. Since ancient times, Lycium barbarum (wolfberry) has been a good nourishing product and is called “Ke Lao Tzu”.

When people think of wolfberry, the first thing people think of is Ningxia. Because Ningxia Zhongning wolfberry has bright color, large grains, thin skin, thick flesh, few seeds, sweetness, and superior quality, it is the only wolfberry variety that is included in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

wolfberry has been exposed

“Zhongning · International Wolfberry Trading Center” in Zhongning County, Ningxia. It is the mature season of goji berries, and a large number of goji berries are traded here every day.

Since wolfberry has such a good health effect

Why do you drink wolfberry soaking water every day, but there is no effect?

In the wolfberry industry, “sulfur wolfberry” and “sodium wolfberry” have become an open secret. “Sulfur goji and sodium goji berries are destroying the brands of the entire industry,” said Liu Yun, who returned home to start a business after graduating from university, “this is an inside story that needs to be exposed.”

Ningxia Zhongning wolfberry trading center, the wolfberry packaging bag says “low sulfur”, which is dried wolfberry smoked with sulfur.

Yang Qianqian, a girl born in the hometown of wolfberry in Ningxia, saw the chaotic wolfberry market and inspired to promote good Zhongning wolfberry to the whole country. However, the wolfberry market in the past two years has been sluggish, and wolfberries from other origins are circulated in large quantities under the name of Zhongning wolfberry. The uneven quality has caused a great impact on the local market and the reputation has plummeted. Such a situation makes all of us practitioners of Zhongning wolfberry fall into contemplation.

After despair, another “crisis”

Walking in the fields in her hometown, Yang Qianqian looked at the hard-working picking farmers and the increasing labor costs. The large backlog of dried fruit stocks is a problem that needs to be solved urgently. Suddenly I thought that all kinds of fruits on the market can be seen, but goji berries are not common. What can I do? Let’s sell fresh fruits! correct! Xianguo is a good idea!

Through the SF Express Fresh Speed ​​Match, Yang Qianqian’s fresh wolfberry fruit was a small success. But the problem also followed: the cost of picking is high (because it is good to sell, you can only pick large ones), the cost of preservation remains high, and bad fruits occur from time to time. More importantly, the fresh goji berries have obvious seasonality. It can be picked from mid-June to the end of August. This makes Qianqian gradually frustrated.
After the meeting, “liquid gold” is popular all over the country

At this time of fruitless thinking, Zhongning City held the first “Ningxia Zhongning Wolfberry Industry Innovation Research Institute, the first meeting of the first academic committee”. In the meeting, Academician Wang of the Wolfberry Research Institute mentioned that “Since fresh fruits are not easy Preservation, the nutrient content of dried fruit cannot reach the level of fresh fruit, then we can make wolfberry into liquid, leading the fresh era of wolfberry.”

——Zhongning Wolfberry Research Institute.

After the conference, Yang Qianqian kept thinking about the words of Academician Wang. After returning home and consulting professional literature, she found that: there is a waxy layer on the surface of wolfberry, and 90% of the nutrients cannot be extracted and absorbed during the brewing process;

The vitamins, betaine and other effective elements contained in wolfberry are destroyed when adding soaking and boiling, resulting in extremely low nutrient absorption rate of dried wolfberry! Only 2.08% or less

The harvested fresh wolfberry Yang Qianqian needs to go through multiple rounds of screening, pick out the bad fruits such as mildew, diseased spots, etc., and then conduct a second screening after cleaning the soil impurities.

The whole process after screening needs to go through six processes of cleaning and sterilization, crushing, refining, sterilization, filling, and secondary sterilization.

The whole process adopts artificial + machine cooperation processing, from the picking of fresh goji berries to the completion of the final secondary sterilization, the whole process is controlled within 6 hours.

The last thing that appeared in our hands was the puree of wolfberry made from fresh, organic, 100% pure first stubble wolfberry.

The elderly: a good tonic for health and longevity

Lycium barbarum (wolfberry) puree has very high nutritional value. It is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids and trace elements that are beneficial to human health. It can play a health care effect on many health problems of the elderly, and its effect of soothing the nerves and improving eyesight has been widely praised.

(Cash on delivery available, pay 10 for one holiday)

New customer order discount, limited to 50 copies per day

The holy health product that the whole family can drink

Scientific proportioning amount

1 fresh goji berries = 50 dried goji berries

live seriously

Serious health

has found the correct way to open up the health of wolfberry

Next is a small bottle of wolfberry stock solution every day

With a healthy body and ruddy complexion

Welcome a better life!

Drink a little every day, and be more healthy!

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