There are several types of wolfberry

Wolfberry is a common food in life. Soak the wolfberry in water, boil the wolfberry in soup and so on. Then there are many types of wolfberry that seem to be small, so what are the specific classifications? Come see me?

several types of wolfberry

According to the origin, it can be divided into: Zhongning goods, Ningxia goods (can be subdivided into Yinchuan goods, solid original goods, etc.), Gansu goods (can be subdivided into Jingyuan goods, Guazhou goods, Yumen goods, Jingtai goods, Zhangye city Shandan goods, Dajing goods in Gulang County, Wuwei), Qinghai goods (subdivided into Qinghai Delingha, Qinghai Golmud, Qinghai Dulan, etc.), Inner Mongolia goods, Xinjiang goods, Hebei goods. Among them, Ningxia currently has the largest planting area of ​​wolfberry, followed by Qinghai, followed by Gansu, and less in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Hebei and other places.
Ningxia wolfberry

Ningxia has large temperature difference between day and night, fresh air and fertile soil, suitable for the growth and planting of wolfberry. Ningxia is the origin of wolfberry, the best place in the world and the longest cultivation time. The quality of Ningxia wolfberry benefits from the unique geographical and climatic conditions in Ningxia, and the quality is far better than that produced in other regions. Ningxia wolfberry is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, more than 30 kinds of trace elements and a variety of biologically active alkalis. The content of β-carotene, vitamin E and wolfberry polysaccharides is 10% to 70% higher than that of wolfberry from other producing areas. Pure natural Zhongning wolfberry has bright color, large grains, thin skin, thick flesh, few seeds, sweetness and superior quality.
Qinghai wolfberry

several types of wolfberry

There is a certain difference between Qinghai wolfberry and Ningxia wolfberry. Qinghai wolfberry contains more fructose, which is especially easy to absorb moisture and cause sticky lump. After grasping it tightly with your hand, loosen your hand and it will stick together. Ningxia wolfberry contains less fructose, and it is not easy to absorb moisture and become sticky. After grasping it tightly, loosen the hand, it will not stick to the edges, but loosen. Qinghai wolfberry contains more fructose, and its sweetness is obviously much higher than that of Ningxia wolfberry. Ningxia wolfberry contains more wolfberry polysaccharides, relatively less fructose content, and low sweetness. Therefore, we take a few grains of wolfberry and chew it, and the sweetness will be clear

several types of wolfberry

However, both Qinghai wolfberry and Ningxia wolfberry are healthy foods. You can eat more when appropriate.

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