Three Dietary Formulas of Goji berry.

Three Dietary Formulas of Goji berry.

Computer people eat nutritious food for their eyes. Do you often use computers in your work? Do you have dry eyes, bloodshot eyes, fear of light, tears, or even redness? If so, it means your eyes have been hurt. The cause of eye fatigue is generally related to the secretion of tears, which should arouse your attention, and double the protection of the eyes, and if you can add some nutritious eye food in your diet, it is the most convenient and effective way. A kind of
The curative effect of Lycium barbarum L. on clearing liver and clearing liver has been known for a long time, because it contains rich carotene, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, calcium, iron and so on, which are essential nutrients for healthy eyes.

hree dietary prescriptions of Lycium barbarum L.
1. Lycium barbarum + rice: After cooking porridge, add a little sugar, can treat blurred vision and tears. Lycium barbarum and chrysanthemum: brewing and drinking with hot water can make eyes relaxed and bright.
2. Lycium barbarum + pig liver: Boiler soup has the functions of clearing away heat, eliminating astringency, and eliminating dark circles due to staying up late. Cassia seed has the effect of clearing the liver, clearing the eyes and moistening the intestines. It can improve the swelling and pain of the eyes, redness and tear, and prevent the visual impairment.
3. Many people like to use wolfberry to soak in water, wine or soup. There is a saying of “wolfberry health preservation” in traditional Chinese medicine very early. It is believed that eating wolfberry regularly can “strengthen muscles and bones, endure cold and heat”. Therefore, it is often used as a tonic and anti-aging medicine.

Many people don’t know that Chinese wolfberry can be used for cosmetology. This is because wolfberry can improve the ability of skin to absorb oxygen, in addition, it can also play a whitening role.

Although wolfberry has a good nourishing and therapeutic effect, it is not suitable for all people to take. Because it warms up the body, people who are suffering from cold, fever, inflammation and diarrhea should not eat it.
The most suitable food for Chinese wolfberry is people with weak constitution and poor resistance. Moreover, we must persist for a long time and eat a little every day in order to achieve results.

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