To protect the lungs, these exercises can be performed frequently

Is taking regular walks good for the lungs?Doctors remind: the lungs like 4 things, which can be done more often

By 2025, the total number of lung cancer patients in China will reach 1 million, making China the “world’s largest lung cancer country”.
Over the past three decades, the mortality rate of lung cancer has soared by 465%, with an average annual growth rate of approximately 26.9%. Therefore, it is particularly important to prevent cancer through cancer prevention.
With the increasing awareness of health preservation, people will use various forms to help themselves prevent lung cancer and protect their lungs. Some people will not only stop smoking, but also exercise to maintain their lungs.
For example, some people will take regular walks to promote lung health. Is this approach really effective?Today, let’s take a look.

01.What are the functions of the lungs?
gas exchange
The main physiological function of the lungs is gas exchange. Fresh air is inhaled into the alveoli through respiratory movements, and the oxygen in it diffuses through the alveolar blood-gas barrier into the capillaries, where it is carried by hemoglobin to all parts of the body.
At the same time, carbon dioxide in the capillaries enters the alveoli through the blood-gas barrier and is exhaled through exhalation, thereby regulating the concentration of bicarbonate and affecting blood acid-base balance, thus maintaining normal human metabolism.
Defensive function
It mainly refers to the blood-gas barrier of the lungs, which can prevent harmful substances and bacteria and viruses inhaled from the air from entering the blood circulation system of the human body through its own structure and the phagocytosis of macrophages.
The mucus secreted by the inner membrane of the trachea and bronchus can adhere to dust and some pathogenic microorganisms in the air, and through the waving action of the cilia, form sputum and be excreted from the body.
Metabolic function
It mainly metabolizes substances such as arachidonic acid and angiotensin, which can be converted into angiotensin II, which plays a role in lowering blood pressure.
By exhaling small amounts of water and participating in water metabolism, research has shown that the lungs are also important hematopoietic organs in the human body.

02.What can the lungs “fear” you doing?These 4 behaviors really hurt the lungs
Smoking is one of the biggest enemies of the lungs. Chemicals in tobacco can stimulate and damage lung tissue, increasing the risk of lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other respiratory diseases.
Respiratory in high pollution environment
Long-term exposure to poor air quality and high levels of pollutants increases the risk of lung damage. Avoid staying in areas with high air pollution for extended periods of time, such as urban road congestion or near factories with high levels of smoke and dust.
lack of exercise
Lack of physical exercise can lead to decreased physical strength and reduced lung function.By doing moderate aerobic exercise and breathing exercises, it is possible to improve lung function and increase lung capacity.
Neglect respiratory tract infection
If respiratory infections such as colds, flu, and pneumonia are not treated promptly, they may lead to inflammation and further invasion of viruses or bacteria into the lungs, increasing the risk of respiratory disease. It is important to seek medical attention and receive appropriate treatment for respiratory infections in a timely manner.

03.Is taking regular walks good for the lungs?
As we all know, life lies in exercise. Sticking to exercise and exercise can not only effectively enhance immunity and resistance, but also have many benefits for the lungs.
In our daily life, there are various forms of exercise, such as aerobic and anaerobic exercise. However, in a fast-paced life, people may not have time to exercise scientifically.
If you want to exercise, you don’t have to worry about choosing a place, which is particularly crucial. That’s why walking has become increasingly popular in recent years.
In the nearby park or residential area, taking a walk in the fresh air can not only effectively enhance physical fitness, but also effectively maintain the lungs. Sticking to walking can have the following three major benefits for the lungs:

04.Regular walking can bring three major benefits to the lungs
Keep your lungs healthy
Walking can help us maintain lung health and prevent lung diseases. When we walk, the body’s respiratory mechanism naturally kicks in, strengthening our lung function.
In addition, research has shown that people who regularly take walks have a much lower risk of developing lung diseases compared to those who are sedentary.
Improve lung function
By increasing cardiorespiratory endurance, walking can enhance the oxygenation capacity of the lungs, allowing our lungs to more effectively take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide from the body.
In addition, walking can also improve lung health by reducing lung inflammation and reducing the risk of respiratory irritation.
Remove harmful substances from the lungs
When we walk, our lungs naturally inhale and exhale air, which helps remove harmful substances such as dust, smoke, and other harmful particulate matter that accumulate in the lungs.
In addition, walking can also accelerate the body’s detoxification process by increasing the metabolic rate of the body, thereby further removing harmful substances from the lungs.

05. When lung function is abnormal, the body may have these symptoms
shortness of breath

When lung function is abnormal, the body may feel difficult to breathe, such as shortness of breath, wheezing, or rapid breathing.
chest discomfort
Abnormal lung function may cause chest discomfort, such as chest pain, chest tightness, or shortness of breath.
When lung function is abnormal, it may cause coughing and may last for a long time.
Fatigue and weakness
Abnormal lung function may cause fatigue and weakness, which may affect daily activities.
sleep disorder
Abnormal lung function may affect sleep, such as breathing difficulties or apnea.
Excessive phlegm
Abnormal lung function may cause excessive phlegm, especially in winter, which may be caused by chronic bronchitis and other diseases.

06.Doctors remind: the lungs like 4 things, and they can do more often
The lungs like to be replenished in time
Timely hydration is the key to lung maintenance. The lungs are a relatively fragile organ in the human body and need to be kept moist.
When the body lacks water, the lungs are prone to dryness, leading to thick phlegm that is difficult to cough up, which in turn can cause symptoms such as coughing.
In order to keep the lungs moist, it is recommended to drink enough water every day, especially in dry seasons, which can effectively protect the lungs and reduce the occurrence of lung diseases.

The lungs like to laugh
Lung health is closely related to laughter, which can promote lung health and prevent lung infections and diseases. In daily life, we should practice more to give our lungs adequate exercise and care.
When we laugh, the respiratory muscles contract, causing the lungs to expand and contract, increasing lung capacity and respiratory function. At the same time, laughter can also promote the vibration and oscillation of the lung cilia, enhancing the ability of the lungs to clean themselves.
Secondly, laughter can enhance lung immunity, which refers to the resistance of the lungs to various pathogens.Laughter can promote the activity of immune cells and enhance lung immunity.

The lungs like to take protective measures
The lungs are an important respiratory organ that continuously inhales fresh air from the outside world and expels carbon dioxide from the body. However, due to changes in modern environments and lifestyles, lung health faces many challenges.

To protect the health of the lungs, we can take some protective measures. Firstly, avoiding inhaling harmful substances is the key to protecting the health of the lungs. Try to avoid smoking, reduce the frequency of going to smoking places, and pay attention to maintaining indoor air circulation to avoid inhaling harmful gases and particulate matter.
In addition, wearing masks correctly can effectively reduce the amount of harmful substances inhaled. Eating more antioxidant-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can reduce lung inflammation and oxidative stress, which is beneficial for nourishing and protecting the lungs.
The lungs like to maintain good sleep
The lung is an important respiratory organ that plays a vital role in people’s health. In order to maintain lung health, people should develop good sleep habits.
Good sleep not only has direct benefits for the lungs, but also enhances the immune function of the body, helps control the frequency and depth of breathing, and enables the lungs to better exchange gases.
In order to maintain lung health, it is important to maintain a good sleeping position. It is best to choose to sleep on your side, as this position helps reduce pressure on the lungs and reduces airway resistance, thereby improving sleep quality.

To maintain the lung, you can drink “Goji water” regularly

Goji water
Goji berry is known as the “champion of health food”, containing a variety of nutrients such as polysaccharides, amino acids, and trace elements.
Among them, the polysaccharide of wolfberry can moisturize the lungs and relieve coughs, as well as nourish yin and moisturize dryness, which has a good alleviating effect on coughs caused by dryness in the lungs.

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