Too much pressure, wolfberry porridge can help you prevent hair loss

How to prevent hair loss? Modern life is fast-paced, and with it comes more and more hair loss problems. About 70% of hair loss is seborrheic alopecia, and nearly 30% of hair loss is neurogenic alopecia, and less than 1% of hair loss is caused by other reasons. When people’s mental stress is too great, blood toxic heat accumulates, and signs of hair loss often appear. Psychological factors include long-term eye fatigue, nervousness, anxiety, depression, staying up late and so on. If things go on like this, hair loss will become more serious.

Chinese wolfberry prevents hair loss

Daily diet can help prevent hair loss easily

Rice recipes

Rice is one of the staple foods we often eat. More steamed into rice or cooked into porridge. The combination of rice and various medicinal materials can be used to make small remedies for hair loss, such as wolfberry porridge and fleeceflower porridge. Wolfberry porridge is made by washing the wolfberry and rice and putting them in a pot. Polygonum porridge is more complicated. First, stir-fry Polygonum porridge in a pan to make juice. After removing the dregs and leaving the juice, add the rice, add rock sugar after boiling, and cook the porridge with a slow fire.

Recipe using wine

Wine is the essence of food. Wine is not only a traditional beverage, but also has many medicinal values. Alcohol is also used in many hair loss treatments. “Qian Jin Fang” mentioned that mulberry leaves and hemp leaves are immersed in rice wine, boiled, and then the juice is applied to the scalp to prevent hair loss. Chop sesame flower and cockscomb flower, soak in white wine and seal, filter for half a month, then put camphor in medicinal wine to melt and set aside. Use a cotton swab dipped in medicinal liquor to apply to the hair loss area, especially for neurogenic hair loss. In addition, soak the mixture of Sichuan pepper, Pinellia and Heather in white wine. After a week, apply the affected area to the hair to help the hair grow.

Recipes for using condiments

The daily life of ordinary people cannot do without firewood, rice, oil, salt, and these common daily necessities can also be used to treat hair loss. Seasoning with salt will make the dishes taste bad. Washing your hair with warm salt water can prevent hair loss. In addition, the whole banana is grilled with charcoal and then dipped in rice vinegar. After a week, cover the affected area with vinegar 2-3 times a day. It also has the effect of preventing hair loss.

Reminder: Generally speaking, patients with high mental stress have sparse hair at the beginning, and the time for the development of hair loss depends on the level of mental stress, mainly depending on the obvious mental state. Many patients have more and more hair loss in a short time. It is serious and develops rapidly, which means that the patient’s personal mental state is not stable enough, and the pressure is huge. Under the long-term pressure, the symptoms of hair loss will become more and more obvious.

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