Understanding Black Wolfberry and Good Opportunities to Make Wealth

With the support of Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, the transformation and upgrading of Lycium barbarum industry are realized through innovative modes such as O2 O.

black goji berry wine

“In order to develop the Lycium barbarum industry in Qinghai, it is necessary to build a world brand with resource advantages and regional advantages by means of high value-added fine and deep processing. In recent years, a large number of black wolfberry enterprises and distributors have sprung up in Qinghai, but the low threshold, poor concentration of production capacity and uneven quality caused by the large base of enterprises are the problems faced by the whole industry. “We must achieve large-scale and intensive development through the integration of industrial chains, and realize the transformation and upgrading of the industry with the help of brand value.” “

It is understood that in recent years, Qinghai has invested nearly 100 million funds, laid out 300,000 mu of black wolfberry planting base, automated deep processing production line, refined deep processing products, etc., to create a whole industrial chain integrating planting, production, processing and retail; launched a “sober health” O2 O search partnership program in China, and dealers. By means of public financing and Profit Dividend sharing, the upstream 300,000 Mu wild Lycium barbarum base will be developed in collaboration, and the industrial upgrading will be realized by means of “Internet+ Welcome friends from all over the world to invest and cooperate with us. I need you to contact us.

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