What are the benefits of eating five capsules Goji before going to bed at night?

I have a lot of time to work under pressure, the workload is also large, plus the child is small, so there are symptoms of backache, eyes, tears, tinnitus, and increased white hair. Judging from the self-learning knowledge of Chinese medicine, I diagnosed myself as a deficiency of kidney, and “kidney gas” is the gas of kidney essence, reflecting the functional activities of the kidney, loss of kidney gas, and the body will become more and more virtual in the long run. Diseases are invaded and are not conducive to health.

I don’t want to eat a bunch of medicines for tonifying the kidneys, what kind of Liuwei Dihuang Wan, kidney treasure and the like, so I tried to take up the goji.

Diet therapy, my preferred choice. However, it is sweet and gentle, and excessive consumption is easy to cause fire, so do not eat more than 30 per day. If you are a yang-deficient person, you should reduce the amount when you eat raw goji.

I eat goji raw oysters in the evening, eat black sesame powder in the morning, exercise three times a week, every half an hour, two months later, I found some changes in the body.

First, the eyes are not dry, bright, and basically will not cry in the wind.

Second, the situation of the waist is sore and soft, and the waist will not be tired if you walk for a while.

Third, the quality of sleep has improved, there are not so many dreams, and sometimes it can be dawn.

Fourth, although the hair did not become black, the situation of falling hair was almost gone.

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