What are the benefits of eating five goji berries at night before bed? What are the health benefits of goji berries?

Goji berry, also known as goji berry, red earring, bright eye, is the mature fruit of the solanaceae small shrub goji berry, which is not only a traditional precious Chinese medicinal herb, but also a nutritional tonic. What are the benefits of eating five goji berries at night before bed? What are the health benefits of goji berries?

Goji berries are a traditional Chinese medicinal herb with a long history in China, and they are also a good daily nutritional tonic.

As a traditional precious Chinese medicinal material, the benefits brought by goji berries are innumerable. It is flat and sweet, and is affectionately known as “Mingmuzi”.

Because goji berries are often used to treat night blindness and vision dimming, and contain a variety of vitamins, calcium, iron, and rich carotene, which are essential for healthy eyes.

An example tells you about the magical power of goji berries!

Xiaobian worked overtime every day for a period of time, the work pressure was particularly large, and then there was no exercise, so there was backache and leg pain, tearing of the eyes, tinnitus, increased gray hair, etc.

After all, it is through the edification of traditional Chinese medicine, I judge that I am kidney deficiency, that is, insufficient kidney qi, and “kidney qi” is the qi transformed by kidney essence, kidney qi loss, the body will become worse and worse in the long run, and other diseases will also take advantage of the deficiency.

Besides, men are more concerned about this.

The medicine to tonify the kidney, I didn’t eat it, and I don’t like to eat it, think about it or use food therapy conveniently, then eat some goji berries to try.

Goji berries are sweet and mild, but excessive consumption can easily cause heat.

So I eat no more than 20 pills a day.

If you are a person with a yang deficiency constitution, you should pay more attention to controlling the quantity when eating raw.

Eat goji berries raw in the evening, black sesame seeds in the morning, and exercise no less than three times a week for half an hour each time. After a month, the body is noticeably different.

  1. The waist is not sore, the legs are not soft, there is energy to do anything, and it is not tired to walk more.
  2. The eyes see things clearly, do not shed tears, and do not dry.
  3. The quality of sleep is very good, and I wake up regularly when I wake up at dawn.
  4. Surprised to find that the roots of white hair began to turn black.

Friendly reminder: Although goji berries are good, remember not to eat too much, otherwise it may be too nourishing and cause fire.

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