What are the changes in the body of people who drink alcohol for a long time

What Happens to the Body of People Who Have a Long-Term Habit of Drinking Baijiu? Here’s the Answer from Research

drink alcohol for a long time

There have been many research teams conducting related investigations on the issue of alcohol and physical health both domestically and internationally.

Some people say that having a little alcohol is harmless and has a positive impact on physical health, while others say that alcohol is not good for health and even a small amount of consumption may harm organ tissue.

Who’s right? Is drinking good or bad? Let’s explore the answer with a family doctor.

Drinking a little Baijiu every day will make the body healthier?
Before starting to talk about whether drinking a little alcohol is better for health, I want to ask everyone a question: how significant is the correlation between alcohol and cancer?

According to the literature research in The Lancet, in 2020, approximately 740,000 new cases of cancer worldwide were caused by alcohol consumption, including 200,000 cases in China.

How does alcohol cause cancer? Firstly, the alcohol consumed through the mouth flows to the liver tissue through the digestive tract and is metabolized by liver cells. The ethanol in the alcohol is metabolized into acetaldehyde during the process, and then into acetate. Finally, it turns into carbon dioxide and water.

During this process, the formation of acetaldehyde will directly damage liver cell tissue. These injuries can lead to obstruction of intracellular fatty acid metabolism in cells, triggering excessive accumulation of fat in the liver, gradually turning into alcoholic hepatitis, fatty liver, etc. Then, with sustained inflammation, the liver may undergo fibrotic and sclerotic changes, ultimately increasing the risk of cancer.
In addition, related research has also mentioned that in 2020, tumors associated with alcohol include not only liver cancer but also oral cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, etc.
Here you may say that it’s because these people consumed too much alcohol. If they only had a small drink, it wouldn’t harm their body, right?
Unfortunately, that’s not the truth! Authoritative research has confirmed that even consuming a small amount of alcohol increases the risk of cancer. For people who drink less than 10 grams of alcohol per day, the risk of developing new cancer cases may increase by 41300 cases. In other words, not drinking is healthier.

How long and how much alcohol can cause cancer and cerebral hemorrhage?
As mentioned earlier, even if you only drink a little alcohol, it will increase the risk of diseases such as cancer. However, generally speaking, the more alcohol you drink and the longer you drink it for, the greater the risk of developing diseases such as cancer and cerebral hemorrhage.
So how long should you drink for and how much should you drink to develop these diseases?
A study report suggests that an adult male who has been drinking for more than 10 years and consumes about 50g of alcohol per day has an 8% to 15% probability of developing alcoholic cirrhosis. If left untreated and controlled, it can turn into liver cancer.
In addition, when an adult male consumes more than 40g or an adult female consumes more than 20g of alcohol per day for more than four years, their risk of developing hypertension increases by 40%. If blood pressure is not properly controlled, it can lead to serious consequences such as cerebral hemorrhage.
In summary, for the sake of your own health, the best thing to do is to try to refuse to consume alcohol. Especially for people who already suffer from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, gout, etc., they should quit drinking as soon as possible.

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