What are the steps to make goji wine

Chinese wolfberry can be brewed alone or with other materials. Different substances can be added with different effects. For dipped goji wine, oridinary people can make it by yourself.

wolfberry wine

【formula of medicinal wine (prepared by home of brewing wine, for reference only】
First class Chinese wolfberry 500g, jujube 50g, sugar 200g, Chinese special grain fermented wine 5000ML.

wolfberry wine

【production method】
Put the wolfberry, jujube and sugar into a clean container, pour it into the Chinese liquor and soak it in a sealed container for about 3 months. Pay attention to the use of jars or glassware.
It is forbidden to use plastic and metal vessels to make wine. Wine packed with plastic and metal will release harmful substances due to the corrosive effect of wine. Ceramic jars are the best containers for brewing wine.
You can also put your hobbies into others. Close the cap.
Shake the jar gently and let it stand for about 100 days before drinking.

The effect of goji wine can promote sleep, but also conducive to the eyes. But we need to pay attention to the fact that we can’t drink too much at one time. 10-20ml per day is enough.

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