What changes will occur in a man’s body if he drinks water boiled with Goji berries for a long time?

What changes will occur in a man’s body if he drinks water boiled with Goji berries for a long time? Traditional Chinese medicine can tell you.

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When a man reaches a certain age, Goji berries become a must-have in his thermos. Whenever he feels weak, he thinks about using Goji berries to replenish his energy. But can Goji berries really nourish the kidneys? What changes will occur in a man’s body if he consumes them for a long time? Let’s talk about it today.

First of all, the problem of dry and blurry eyes and unclear vision can be improved. As men age, they are more prone to liver yin deficiency and insufficient liver blood. The liver is connected to the eyes, so when the liver lacks yin and blood, the eyes may become dry, itchy, and blurry, and the vision may deteriorate. Goji berries can nourish the liver blood, nourish the liver yin, and improve these conditions. If combined with white peony, the effects will be even better.

Secondly, the problem of dry mouth, dry and itchy throat, cough, and excessive phlegm can be improved. We all know that men like to smoke, which naturally damages the lung yin. Therefore, many middle-aged men often cough and feel a dry and itchy throat, like something in their throat. Sometimes they cough up a small amount of phlegm. Goji berries not only nourish the liver blood but also enter the lung meridian, moisturizing the lung yin. Therefore, they can naturally alleviate cough and improve the condition of yin-deficient cough. If combined with lily, the effects will be even better.

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Furthermore, the problems of sore and painful lower back, dizziness, tinnitus, impotence, and seminal emission can be improved. Can Goji berries really nourish the kidneys? The answer is yes. Goji berries can nourish the kidney yin and nourish the kidney essence. Therefore, if excessive sexual activity leads to the depletion of kidney yin and symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, hot hands and feet, dry mouth, sore lower back, weak legs, etc., drinking water boiled with Goji berries can indeed bring some improvement. It can even be combined with Huang Jing and Shu Di Huang. However, if it has developed into impotence and seminal emission, using Goji berries alone may not be effective, and it’s best to seek help from a professional doctor offline.

Lastly, the problem of incomplete urination and post-urination dribbling can also be improved. If you find that you often have lower back pain recently and that you dribble a bit after urinating, Goji berries boiled in water can be used for adjustment. If the situation is more severe, it can be combined with Dodder seed, Rubus chingii, and Schisandra chinensis for better results.

In conclusion, the benefits of Goji berries are extensive. Ancient people believed that they were excellent for replenishing deficiencies, improving vision, and calming the mind. They were even considered to strengthen bones and muscles and combat fatigue. However, when it comes to long-distance travel, there is a saying that “do not eat Goji berries.” Therefore, when reaching a certain age, it is still beneficial to drink water boiled with Goji berries occasionally.

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