What is Goji Berry – Wolfberry Fruit – Why is it Good For Your Health

goji berry tea

What is goji berry (wolfberry fruit)?
Why is it good for your health?
Have you eaten Goji berries? Research results
have shown that Goji berry prevents cancer,
improves memory, and suppresses premature

There may be many people who have never heard
much about goji berry (rye berberym). This
natural food which was frequently used in
the Orient, its name has become known in recent
years in the West.

Do not forget that the strengths of Western
pharmacology are medicines produced at the
factory for commercial purposes. However,
in recent years international differences
have gradually made each other’s cultural
differences and differences gradually diminish.
As a result, the understanding of oriental
culture has deepened and it got affected.
Understanding of health food such as gojiberry
is also deepening.

What is goji berry?
Gojiberry is one of the most useful ingredients
to prevent aging of your skin . In China,
Godzyberry from Himalayas was used long before
it was written in the historical record.
This fruit is also called Godiery, Tibetan
Goji Berry, Tibetan cherries, and so on.
The most important ingredients
The following nutrients support the wonderful
effect of Goji berry.
Vitamin (B1, B2, B6, C, E),
Beta carotene,
Minerals (calcium, potassium, selenium, iron,
zinc, germanium),
Essential amino acids.

The efficacy of Goji berry:
Goji berry has become widely known all over
the world gradually from its efficacy.
Who it has a wonderful effect of the interest
also for but, at the recommendation of the
food, especially to women be.

It helps improve the health of the whole
The most abundant ingredients in this fruit
are antioxidant ingredients . Beta carotene
contained more than carrots improves damage
by free radicals that degrade cells .
If you eat gojiberry you can prevent premature
It also encourages secretion of hormones that
reduce fat content. Other improvements include
sleep quality and memory improvement, cell
regeneration and other effects.

Lower the risk of cancer:
According to research published in 2009, Gojiberry
seems to have the power to delay the mutation
of cells into cancer. This is the antioxidant
component and the power of germanium.
It also supports liver functions and prevents
liver cirrhosis.

Balance the cholesterol level:
As you know, there are two types of cholesterol,
good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol
(LDL). Let’s incorporate ingredients that
will take the balance of these two well.
Besides food, we should be able to take better
things for the body, such as natural substitute
therapy to support exercise and digestion
In the case of cholesterol, it can be balanced
by the action of ß sitosterol contained in
Goji berry. ? sitosterol is a wonderful ingredient
that works to normalize cholesterol levels
It also contains flavonoids and supports support
for blood vessels to function properly . In
addition, we prevent cholesterol from sticking
to each other.

It helps weight loss:
By lowering the cholesterol level, fat accumulated
in the body will be converted into energy.
This is a routine activity in the body.
Let’s do exercise as we eat Goji berry. By
doing so, we encourage weight loss.

Support the heart:
The heart is one of the most important organs
in the body. So it is important to always
keep it as best as possible.
If you regularly eat Gojiberry, the anthocyanins
contained in it will strengthen the coronary
arteries, which helps to maintain your health
It also contains a photochemical substance
called Saipelon, which adjusts the blood pressure
in the heart .

Improve eye health:
Eyes are one of the most overworked organs
in the body.
Because it is exposed to various factors,
it has undergone considerable damage. As a
result, it leads to the use of glasses and
surgery .
Gojiberry contains plenty of active ingredients
to improve eye health , preventing macular
degeneration and cataracts .

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