What is the standard of high quality Chinese wolfberry

How Choose Wolfberry. What is the standard of high quality Chinese wolfberry

Our] products have passed the Qinghai Provincial Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Inspection Inspection Inspection of all indicators are in line with national standards!
Natural Cooling and Non-Inflammation from Source of Origin.

The soil in geermu County is alkaline and the temperature difference between day and night is large. These unique natural conditions make Zhongning wolfberry become wolfberry in wolfberry.

1)Natural Growth
2)Manual Picking

Chinese wolfberry is not very big, because of its special geographical location, the grain size of Chinese wolfberry is only about 1.5CM.

Chinese wolfberry has less sugar and is not easy to stick and agglomerate
Chinese wolfberry dried fruit with moisture content between 12% 0 – 13% is not easy to be packed into lumps. If pressed into lumps, it can be loosened automatically after losing pressure. It is not only easy to preserve, but also not easy to mildew and deteriorate.

Chinese wolfberry has a high floating rate, reaching 80%.
Chinese Lycium barbarum polysaccharide composition, the proportion is small, soaking water generally 80% will float on the surface and taste good.

Method of eating

Boil porridge in water, squeeze juice and add bread, as long as you can think of it, try it.

Chinese wolfberry juice
GOji berrise juice

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