What kind of wolfberry must not be bought?

wolfberry must not be bought

Goji berries are by far the cheapest and the best nourishing effect of both medicinal and edible pure natural foods. When it comes to medlars, the first thing you will think of is Ningxia, because Ningxia has the longest cultivation history in my country and the quality of medlars is the best and beneficial. place of origin. Ningxia wolfberry is sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and it is one of the first choice gifts for Chinese people going abroad to present guests. Ningxia wolfberry also has the reputation of “natural Viagra” in Europe.

When it comes to goji berries, people will think of two questions. The first question is that Ningxia goji berries are indeed “good things”; the second question is how can Ningxia goji berries be of authentic quality? The second question really plagued many people’s choice of goji berries. Today, the author specifically asked a well-known old Chinese doctor around him to hear how this old doctor chose goji berries.

wolfberry must not be bought
Dyed wolfberry,
Pigment wolfberry,
Sour wolfberry,
Wolfberry faded,

By talking with the old Chinese doctor’s wolfberry, the author summarized the following situations. You can’t buy the wolfberry in these situations. Here’s an analysis of what kind of wolfberry you cannot buy.

The first situation that cannot be bought: the wolfberry particles are very large;

The size of authentic Ningxia wolfberry fruit is 580-230 per 50 grams. The oversized ones are mostly from the Qinghai wolfberry production area. The particle size can reach 150 per 50 grams. The particularly huge medlar may be ripened by chemical means, which is not good for health.

The second situation that cannot be bought: the color of wolfberry is very bright;

The color of authentic Ningxia wolfberry is dark red or purplish red, with obvious white spots at the navel. Pinch a small handful in your hand and squeeze it slightly. After loosening it, it will automatically loosen. If the color is like red ink, this type of wolfberry The fruit is dyed wolfberry fruit. Don’t sell it.

wolfberry must not be bought
Dyed wolfberry,
Pigment wolfberry,
Sour wolfberry,
Wolfberry faded,

The third situation where medlar cannot be bought: the color of medlar soaked in water is particularly red;

The authentic Ningxia wolfberry is soaked in clear water, and the floating rate of the fruit is close to 90%. Soaking in water is light yellow, long-term soaking is golden yellow, the release of pigment of natural wolfberry is particularly slow, if the wolfberry is soaked in water, it turns red instantly, indicating that the pigment has been added. It is not recommended to buy pigmented goji berries.

The fourth situation that cannot be bought: the sour medlar can not be bought. It is not recommended to buy sour goji berries.

Authentic Ningxia wolfberry with thin skin and thick flesh, pure taste, sweet, slightly bitter. Qinghai wolfberry, Xinjiang wolfberry taste too sweet, and sticky teeth. In addition, if the wolfberry is smoked with sulfur, it will not taste sour. Sour goji berries may be due to improper storage.

The fifth unavailable situation: Chinese wolfberry cannot smell the special natural fragrance. It may be aged wolfberry, which has no nutrition for a long time, and is spoiled wolfberry.

“Regardless of animal or plant food, it will deteriorate after being placed at room temperature for a period of time. Some will become moldy and agglomerate, some will become rotten and smelly, some will rot and become sour, and some will become smoky. The main reason is microbes.

Microorganisms are ubiquitous in the environment. Food is easily contaminated by microorganisms in the process of production, processing, transportation, storage and sales. As long as the temperature is right, microorganisms will grow and multiply and decompose the nutrients in food.

“The shelf life of medlar is generally about 18 months, but generally do not leave it for too long, 12 months. The general method of storage of medlar is to seal it in a ventilated and cool place. Medlar is rich in carotene, more Kind of vitamins and essential nutrients for healthy eyes such as calcium and iron.

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