What should I do to mend my hair? 99% of people don’t know

Many people suffer from severe hair loss. Do you know what to do when faced with hair that is like falling leaves? Now, I’ll give you a move! Keep your hair healthy!
In the face of hair loss, you should first make sure that your body is not in trouble. You can go to the hospital for the following examinations:

  1. Endocrine examination
    That is, check the sex hormone level. This check can accurately determine whether the cause of hair loss is postpartum hair loss, menopausal hair loss or hair loss caused by oral contraceptives. Serum TSH check can find hair loss caused by the decrease of thyroid hormone level.
  2. Nutrition and metabolism inspection
    Nutritional metabolism may also be one of the causes of alopecia and hair loss, such as iron deficiency, which needs laboratory examination to confirm in the early stage. In the early stage of malignant malnutrition, due to long-term insufficient protein intake, negative nitrogen balance is formed in the body, urea nitrogen in blood and urine decreases first, and urine creatine and creatinine decrease are also sensitive indicators.
    If there is something wrong with some parts of the body, you should follow the doctor’s advice and take appropriate medication. But in fact, the main cause of hair loss for most people comes from the carelessness of life, such as the long-term use of computers leading to dysregulation of oil secretion, perm and dye hair, and mental stress interfering with hair growth.
    So, what should we do about hair loss?
    To achieve the goal of improving hair loss and alopecia, food supplement is undoubtedly the most healthy and effective way. The food taken should be rich in protein, iron, vitamin E, iodine and other elements. Some people with hair loss are caused by kidney deficiency, so eating more kidney tonifying food can also play a regulatory role, such as black beans, black sesame, animal liver, etc.
    1、 Supplement vitamins from fruits
  3. Kiwi fruit
    Kiwi fruit, rich in nutrients, is the king of fruit nutrition. It is rich in carotene, vitamin C, arginine, and a large amount of ALA acid, which can effectively improve hair dryness and maintain moisture.
  4. Banana
    Bananas are rich in vitamin 2 and B6, which can protect hair and delay hair aging.
  5. Citrus
    Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which can help the body absorb iron better. Vitamin C plays a very important role in the growth of collagen, which can promote the synthesis of collagen, and then promote the growth of hair.
  6. Papaya
    Papaya is also rich in vitamin C. At the same time, iron, carotene and lutein in papaya can provide multiple nutrients for hair, remove the protein accumulation of old waste, and provide deep cleansing and nourishment for hair.
    2、 Dry fruits, grains and protein benefit hair
  7. Whole grain food
    Whole grain foods include wheat, oats and other foods, which are rich in zinc, iron, vitamin B and other nutrients. Proper intake of these foods is conducive to hair health.
  8. Eggs
    As mentioned above, children’s shoes with serious hair loss should properly take protein, and eggs are a good source of protein, and eggs contain selenium and magnesium elements that are conducive to healthy hair. It would be a good choice to eat egg products every day.
  9. Almond
    Almonds are rich in vitamin E and zinc, which can reduce cholesterol and is a super food for treating hair loss.
  10. Raisins
    Raisins are rich in iron, which is conducive to the formation of hemoglobin and can promote blood circulation. Eating raisins often can deliver nutrients to the tissues and organs of the body, so that the growth of hair can be more motivated.
  11. Beans
    The nutritional value of legumes has been widely recognized. Eating legumes frequently is not only good for your health, but also can effectively prevent your hair from splitting or breaking. In particular, black beans have the effect of tonifying the kidney and are the best food to improve your turn around.
  12. Black Sesame
    TCM theory points out that “black enters the kidney”. “black” refers to black foods such as black sesame and black rice. When the kidney is strong, the hair will be black and not easy to fall off. Black sesame paste and porridge are good choices.
    3、 Medication to improve hair loss
  13. Chuanqiu
    Chuanqiong itself has the effects of dispelling wind, activating blood, moistening skin and relieving itching. Eating it can also expand the capillaries of the head to a certain extent, promote blood circulation, make the hair flexible and not fragile, and help keep the hair healthy.
  14. Chinese wolfberry
    Lycium barbarum is rich in vitamins A1, B2, C and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. The use of shampoo with Lycium barbarum extract can prevent hair loss.
  15. Salvia miltiorrhiza
    The main effect of salvia miltiorrhiza is to promote blood circulation and blood stasis, and can promote the generation of hair melanin. It can also improve the symptoms of white hair, yellow hair and dry hair caused by the lack of trace elements.
  16. Angelica, Polygonum multiflorum
    Many shampoos on the market contain these two substances. When it comes to hair loss prevention, Angelica sinensis and Polygonum multiflorum may also be the first people to think of. Angelica can be made into porridge, soup and other foods, which can improve blood circulation and increase the ability of blood to transport nutrients; Polygonum multiflorum has the functions of tonifying blood essence, black hair, strengthening muscles and bones, tonifying liver and kidney, and strengthening temper. It can cure hair loss and make tea at ordinary times.
    4、 Daily hair care methods
  17. Wash your hair correctly
    It is not necessary to wash your hair every day. The frequency is usually 2-3 times a week. Choose a low irritating shampoo with weak acid shampoo.
  18. Avoid excessive damage
    Hair dyeing, perm and hair dryer will do harm to the hair. If they do this for a long time, the hair will lose its luster and elasticity, and then become withered and yellow. A turn around will certainly follow.
  19. Keep a good mood
    Excessive stress can also cause hair loss, so keeping a good mood, learning to relieve stress, and proper outdoor exercise can help improve hair loss.
  20. Regular daily routine
    Regular work and rest habits are very important for children with hair loss. This is to maintain the good metabolism and detoxification of human cells. Remember to keep regular and sufficient sleep.
  21. Massage the scalp regularly
    Massaging scalp can not only relieve fatigue, but also have a good effect on hair loss. Put your hands on your head, use your index finger and middle finger to draw a small circle on the scalp, massage the scalp in the order of forehead, back neck and two temporal parts, to help relax and promote blood circulation
    There are many reasons for hair loss and alopecia, which vary from person to person. I hope everyone can find a suitable hair loss prevention method and have a thick and healthy hair~

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