What’s the Difference: Acai vs. Goji berries?

Acai vs. Goji berries?

There seems to be a surplus of hype around superfoods , especially exotic berries such as acai and goji , which promise a heaping dose of antioxidants with each bite . Superfoods are loosely defined as containing a higher proportion of health benefits when compared to most foods . In the case of berries , both familiar ( blueberries , blackberries , strawberries , etc and exotic , their superpowers come from antioxidants , which may reduce the risk of some diseases , including heart disease and cancer . Anthocyanins provide the antioxidant power and are responsible for the red purple and blue pigments found in berries , as well as many other fruits and vegetable
The acai berry , a native to tropical areas in Centra and South America , has been highly praised as the new superfood because of its powerhouse punch of nutrients . This dark purple , grape-sized fruit grows on the acai palm , which is also home to another delectable treat-hearts of palm . The acai berry contains only a small portion of pulp , which has flavor reminiscent of berries with a hint of chocolate . Ninety percent of the fruit is an inedible nut .

acai berry smoothie

The wolfberry , or as we refer to it in the U . S , goji berry , is a popular fruit in China and other areas in Eastern
Asia . In fact , the berry has been used in Asian herbal medicine for thousands of years , and is believed to enhance agility and longevity . These bright red berrie shaped like a plump almond , belong to the nightshade family with eggplants , potatoes and tomatoes , and have a sweet , sour and slight nutty taste

goji berry and orange muffins

Healthy ingredient contribution

ANTIOXIDANTS : Both types of berries have been touted as having an abundance of antioxidant power lat outshines other berries . However , this has yet to be completely proven . The question remains as to how much of these health-boosting substances we really need to reap
shown that acai would be an excellent food to study for tential disease prevention effects in the future
PROTEIN ( goji berries )
Varieties and uses
Dried goi berries are the most common form and look like red shriveled raisins . You can use goji berries as you would other dried fruits , adding them to grano . bars or using them in baked goods . To enhance the berry’s texture , soak them in water or fruit juice for 15 minutes or more before using . You can also brew tea with them
Since acai berries are quite delicate and deteriorate quickly , they are primarily sold in juice form , usually as concentrate , which can be found refrigerated , frozen or in powdered form Acai has also become a popular addition to smoothies
Acai and goji berries can also be found blended in

Serving size
1/4 cup sun-dried goji berries = 100 calories , 4 grams protein , 3 grams fiber , 1 40 % o vitamin A , 200 vitamin
C and 10% iron
1 cup frozen acai berry puree = 75 calories , 6 grams of fat , 860 mg omega-6 , 3 , 360 mg omega-9 and 15 % o vitamin A

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