What’s the difference between black wolfberry and red wolfberry?

What's the difference between black wolfberry and red wolfberry?

Black wolfberry, also known as black fruit wolfberry, is mainly distributed in the remote areas of Qinghai, Xinjiang, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, etc. in the northwest border of China. The best wild black wolfberry in the world comes from the core production area of Nomuhong in Qaidam Basin of Qinghai, the basin desert area with an altitude of 3000 meters. It has high altitude, dry climate, large temperature difference between day and night, clean ecological environment and no pollution.
The salt content of the local soil can reach 8.9%. Black wolfberry has a strong ability of salt and alkali resistance, and has a very strong vitality.

  1. Red wolfberry with different appearance and taste is a long and flat red fruit, generally without fruit handle; black wolfberry with small particles is a round black fruit, with a small fruit handle, even for diabetics, it can be eaten at ease.
  2. With different eating methods, red wolfberry can be chewed directly, boiled water can be soaked, wine can be soaked, porridge can be cooked, etc.; generally, there is no specific limit on the dosage of a day; black wolfberry can’t be boiled because it is rich in proanthocyanidins, and it needs to be soaked in warm water or cold water below 60 degrees, because high temperature will destroy the proanthocyanidins, and the black wolfberry will present different colors in the unused water, which will be in tap water It is blue and purple in mineral water; black wolfberry has high health preservation value, and adults can eat about 10-20 capsules a day.
  3. With different nutritional effects, red wolfberry mainly contains polysaccharide, carotene, vitamin, amino acid, zinc, iron, calcium and other microelements. Its functions are mainly to treat the deficiency of the elderly, to brighten the eyes, to nourish the kidney, to eliminate fatigue and so on. It is a good nourishing material. The nutritional components and functions of black wolfberry are much higher than red wolfberry, which is rich in protein, fat, sugar and free amino acid Acid, organic acid, mineral, microelement, alkaloid, vitamin C, B1, B2 and other 100 kinds of essential nutrients for human body.
  4. The contents of free amino acids, VC and fat are also much higher than those of Lycium barbarum, which is conducive to direct absorption by human body; the contents of iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper in the trace elements are much higher than the average content of Lycium barbarum, while Lycium barbarum is the vegetation with the highest anthocyanin content in nature at present, and anthocyanin is the most effective natural free radical scavenger, whose function is to resist oxidation, eliminate free radicals and eat frequently It can be used to beautify and beautify the face, delay the aging, reduce the three highs, tonify the kidney, protect the liver, prevent hair loss, improve sleep, improve eyesight, prevent cancer and strengthen the body.
  5. In a word, red wolfberry is a single popular nourishing dried fruit, while black wolfberry is a precious natural nourishing product integrating “nourishing, health preserving and beauty”. Due to the strict requirements of the growth environment of black wolfberry, the difficulty of artificial planting is large, and the anthocyanin content is very high. I hope I can help you with more knowledge of ingredients, recipes and health care

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