When wolfberry meets it!

Wolfberry mix

wolfberry meets it
  1. When wolfberry meets an egg-the eyes are bright
  2. When wolfberry meets chrysanthemum-liver qi is unblocked
  3. When wolfberry meets longan-sleep is just fine
  4. When wolfberry meets red dates-blood is enough
  5. When wolfberry meets astragalus-the face is beautiful
  6. When wolfberry meets brown sugar-hands and feet are not cold
  7. When wolfberry meets yam-the spleen and stomach are just fine
  8. When wolfberry meets wild ginseng-the body is strong

A. Take 20-30 capsules in the morning and evening to chew and eat for a long time to improve the beauty and eyesight and prolong life.

B. Take 30-40 medlars, steep them in tea, green tea with red fruits, excellent color, fragrance, mellow fragrance, promote body fluid and quench thirst, insist on drinking, to benefit liver and kidney.

C. Cook the eight-treasure porridge, add appropriate amount of wolfberry, and the stomach to nourish the kidney, nourish the liver and promote blood circulation, the most suitable for the elderly.

D. When stewing meat, put 60 wolfberries into the pot 10 minutes before it is out of the pot. The body is thin and weak, and the food is the best.

E. Goji berries can be used in moderate amounts when cooking and boiling soup.

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